Forza Horizon 2 Will not have Porsche's

Forza Horizon 2 will not have Porsche’s, due to EA’s deal with Porsche.

Nor will any Forzas for the foreseeable future. Thanks, EA!

This should get stickyed so people don’t go on the wishlist, and ask for Porsche’s

It’s pretty common knowledge that Porsche does not want to license their product with anyone other than EA for the foreseeable future.

I wouldn’t so much say “Thanks EA” sarcastically as much as “Thanks Porsche…”

Porsche Doesn’t care about Video Game People

Porsche and EA

A fine idea, but it won’t stop them.

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Porsche’s what? What is it that Porsche is possessive of that Forza Horizon 2 will not have? Why do you leave me in such suspense? Arghhh!


at least we get RUF which is the race version of porche im just bummed we wont have 991 gt3

EA are only partially to blame here really. Porsche are the ones who agreed to be exclusive to EA titles, and it still boggles my mind why. EA makes some of the worst racing titles released these days, and Porsche should be more embarrassed to be in them than anything, whilst they miss out on having their road and race cars old and new being in much better titles from much more competent developers.

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Note the article’s statement: “EA opted not to answer my queries. A Porsche spokesperson initially seemed more forthcoming but, despite several reminders, I ultimately received no statement from the company” and lack of comment (recently) from Turn 10.

The day before the announcement of the addition of the Wraith to FM5 you could have said “Rolls Royce doesn’t allow its cars into games” and you’d have been wrong. The day before the FM4 announcement you could have said “FM3 had Porsches so of course FM4 will too” and you’d have been wrong. The article makes some logical points about why Porsche may not come to Forza, but it’s not real evidence to support the claim “will” or “won’t.” The only thing that can be said for certain is that there are no Porsche models available in Forza Horizon 2 today. To that end, if you’d like to see Porsche models added to Forza games, please use the sticked Car Wishlist threads at the tops of their respective discussion forums.

Saying that Porsche will not be in Forza is old stuff.