forza horizon 2 reset itself after update

i updated to the latest update for horizon 2 and once finishing the update it was synchronizing, and it did not move from there so i quit the game and restarted it, once getting back into the game it asked me which game save i would like to load and there was two, i picked the newest one thinking this is my save, it synchronized and loaded a new game save, now i cant find my old one, i go to manage storage and go to the game save but theres only one now, im playing the game atm on this new game save and its showing up my old stats (skill chains, speed posts) against my friends so is there a way of having my old game save back? very disppointed and confused, thank you in advance

No, unfortunately, it seems that you selected the wrong game save and overwrote the old one. Unfortunately, there is no way to get the old one back. Always, always, always be patient and let your save synchronize. Just wait until it finishes. This may take a while if you have a large save file, but it is necessary. If you quit early and it does not sync up, or you get in the situation you were in, you may be in for a surprise and quite some issues.

If I remember, there is some information it gives you when choosing between two game saves other than time created, isn’t there? File size perhaps? This can always be used to determine which save is the correct one as the more cars, tunes, paints, and layer groups you accumulate the larger that file size will be. My game save is approaching 100 MB while another profile on my console is at 6MB and they’ve only done the introductory race.

If you do find a way to recover the old game save, I suggest you hit up Microsoft as they may be interested in this for several reasons.

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there must be some way to access my cloud saves because i didnt delete my old one? where did this new save come from? all my photos are still there too its just all cars are gone and gotta do the championships again

Are you kidding me? I completed the game, got the car I wanted, updated the game and now you are telling me my game has reset and there is nothing I can do about it? That is a massive waste of my time