Forza Horizon 2 - Need your votes for TIGA GOTY!

Hey there everyone, hope you’re having a pleasant weekend so far!

Just a quick message to say that if you’ve been enjoying Forza Horizon 2 so far (we really hope you have been!) and think it’s deserving, TIGA who are pretty big here in the UK are having a vote for their GOTY. Would be very kind of you if you could take the time to give us a vote. There’s no registration required I believe.

Happy to oblige!

Sorry my vote went to Sky Patrol already. Horizon 2 doesn’t deserve the title game of the year in my opinion.


Thanks for the link, Helios!

You got my vote

Cast my vote for Horizon 2.

Already did from Facebook! Hope you win.

Done-and shared to our groups on facebook… brillant game!

Of course