Forza horizon 2 loss of game save

I lost my gave save due to a sync error and was wanting everything that I had back, is this possible?

This just happened to me as well. I was having sync issues all last week. I got my Forza Motorsport 5 & 6 saves back, but didn’t have the same success with Forza Horizon 2. I had 40+ millions credits, every single car in the game, all unlocks, level 500+, and 200+ hours played. Last night I went to go play, and the opening sequence that once gave me goose bumps, gave me the opposite response with a gigantic pit in my stomach. Please, if there is any possible way to get my save back, let me know.

Nope. This is what I was worried about when I heard it would use the cloud. The cloud IS the backup, there is nothing to back IT up. I had to start my game over recently too, but I already beat it, took me a couple weeks. You know, I kinda had fun starting over, but I suppose everyone doesn’t always have the patience. Sorry guys.

I’m have the same problem too. Lost all my data and it started me over, I’m not lookin forward to doin this all over again. Could there be a solution to the problem, or could someone from turn 10 help us.

I lost my save too i wait for the sync to finish 2 times and every time it was a new game! What can i do to have my save back? Pls?