Forza Horizon 2 Keeps Crashing

It’s E3, everybody. To celebrate this, Microsoft/Xbox has been having a sale on some games for Xbox. One of the games on sale is Forza Horizon 2 ($5.00 USD). This is a digital copy I purchased, not physical.

As someone who has played FH2 before (on 360) and knows about the differences in the game between consoles, I had to get it since recently upgrading to an Xbox One S.

It seems to play fine for the most part; however, it keeps crashing.

I will admit; I was a bit impatient, knowing how great of a game FH2 is, and played whatever I could when my console was installing the game (it would say “Ready to start”). During this time the game would crash from time to time, but nothing too persistent.

Now it keeps crashing whenever I try to continue the road trip to Nice, France. It usually happens at some point when I’m very near to my destination.

I’ve tried several techniques
-different car
-same radio station
-no rewinds (will probably test again for certainty)
-Console reboot

Nothing has seemed to work just yet. I’m not quite sure as to what I should do next. Please leave suggestions on what I could do or provide your solutions if you have faced this problem as well.

Thank you.

Woah really.
I’ve never started anything before the download was complete.
Maybe that’s the reason?
It’s awful, but you may try deleting the game and redownloading.

Also, do you have plenty of space on the HDD? The download reserves the space, yes, but maybe your free space was all messed up/separated. If you usually delete stuff and download things with different sizes all the time the system may reserve a non-continuous free space I guess.

Just in case someone in the future encounters the same problem…
First, I tried hard reseting my console, it didn’t work
So I had to reinstall the full game, so far, so good :slight_smile:
I think the game file got messed up after a blackout during the download

I believe I found the solution. My guess is that I started playing when it said “Ready to start” even though it wasn’t done installing.

I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it. When it was completely reinstalled, I started the game and continued where I left off in the game.

It’s crazy how a little thing like that works out, but nonetheless the problem is solved.

Thank you to everyone and your suggestions. I’m just seeing them all now, months after I fixed it. I’m posting this for future reference if anyone needs.

The game’s bugged as far as I can tell. I’m on my second disc copy (first one has some read issues despite the pristine condition disc) and it still crashes and fails to load the world, music, audio, etc sometimes. No idea what’s wrong with it. I don’t think it’s my One X either.

Could be a broken HDD because games are on the HDD completely.

Yeah, I figured as much though it only seems to happen with this game. What the actual…?