Forza Horizon 2 FF 97%

I unlocked all of the achievements and when I snap achievements it says 100%, and when I go to the full app it says 97% and that I’m missing an achievement when I’m clearly not. Is this happening to anyone else and does anyone have any advice. btw already contacted xbox support, they said it was something to do with the game

Just a delay - leave it be and check back in a day or two.

Mine did this also 97 % and my red event markers were missing from the map as well I had to run the final cargo event (get the cars home) again because I ran it before the bucket list at the oil refinery docks appeared on my map. For whatever reason that bucket list didn’t pop up until after my final race and game credits rolled … but a quick run again of that last event and everything appears as should now.

I’ve done everything, All cars unlocked, all roads, all speed zones and speed traps, all signs and all bucket lists and it shows 97%. Done the same on xbone and is 100%. Whats missing on the 360?

Im guessing u need to do a street race cuz iv done everything else, got all signs driven everywhere done everything except street racing.

I was stuck at 97% on my 360, I redid the last event and got 100%, no word of the supra for the main game though.