Forza Horizon 2 due out this year?

Articles are saying thanks to car company Ultima posting on their facebook and then taking it down that a new Turn 10 came will release in fall of 2014, seems to be legit.

I just hope to god that Turn 10 is planning to release the Nurburgring for regular Forza before doing any Forza Horizon junk. Frankly short of the lighting engine for night, Horizon was an awful awful game with terrible physics. Suppose to be an open world driving game but was way less fun than Forza 4 to swing donuts and just drive around for enjoyment. Really crappy game and I’m upset with all the fanbois who have continued to push it out of ignorance. Turn 10 had a good idea for Horizon but executed poorly as the game sucked on every front open world but only 8 players instead of 16, lol. Who thought that was ok?

Anyways I post this thread not because I really care about Horizon, but because I know releasing one in 2014 would cause such a huge backlash Forza would be ruined forever.

Lets hope so , i love that game

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