Forza horizon 1

Hi, when i want to go online on forza horizon 1, it write me that my GT is banned from the online so I told microsoft my problem and they said that a hacker player has banned me and the guy said that he cannot unbann me so i hope that i will be unbann and i want to know how can i be unbann so please someone help me:) Thanks

No “hacker player” banned you, only the employees of either Playground Games or Turn 10 can do that, which they did for the very serious violation of illegally modifying the game itself and using an unavailable “Traffic Car” which belongs to the Forza Horizon system. Such a violation of the Xbox Live Code of Conduct is a permanent ban from the game.

The regulations include:
"Don’t cheat or tamper. For example, don’t:
Use unauthorized hardware or software
Exploit game vulnerabilities or glitches
Make unauthorized modifications to your account profile or its contents (e.g., tenure, Avatar, game saves, Gamerscore, achievements)
Intentionally play with someone who is using unauthorized software or methods"

There is no discussion of either the Code of Conduct or the enforcement thereof by the developers on these forums. You may send an email to