Forza Horizon 1 Ban

This may be the wrong section for this, but I’ve never used the Forza website, so I’m not exactly sure where this will go.
A few months back I was banned from Forza Horizon 1 until the year 2035. I’ve never been banned before on any game, and I’m not sure why I have. I’ve been in lobbies with other players who have used mods and exploited content such as Glow-Paint, NPC cars, and Skill Multiplier exploits. I’ve never had a problem with Forza before since I’ve never used any sort of mod or exploit. I really like the original Horizon and its the one I prefer since I don’t plan on upgrading to next gen consoles, so being banned for 20 years seems very unrealistic. I do remember selling several cars out of my garage before I was banned, and made approx. $3 million off of their sale, so I don’t know if the game thinks I’ve used a money hack. I support Forza in almost every way, they’ve made a great game series and I like the way they are headed, but these random bans suck. If anyone has any idea how I can fix this or how this happened, please let me know. I’ll be monitoring this post and my X-Box messages.

This is a permanent ban, hence, the date 20 years in the future, for attempting to sell an illegally altered car with removed body parts. There is no legitimate option in-game to do what was done on the car you were caught selling December 23, 2015. That is a major violation of the Xbox Live Code of Conduct, therefore a major penalty.

Neither bans nor the enforcement of the regulations are discussed on these forums. You may send an email to the developers at if you wish.