Forza GP1 Series

Forza GP1 Series

Forza GP1 Series - Lotus E21 - Affiliated with BTR (BOSHTECH RACING)

Hey Guys,

I’ve decided to Host a Forza GP1 Series, this will consist of 6 Races Over a 12 Week Period.

Every Race will have a 20min Qualifying Session before we get on the Grid.

16 Drivers in a Lobby, more lobbies will be Hosted if there is more drivers attending, but I must stress Time Keeping in this Series is Key, No one likes waiting before a race, Connection Issues will be taken into consideration.

I will give out a tune to anyone who is struggling with the Lotus E21 to help be more competitive.

Time Penalties or Power Restrictions will be given to the Drivers who finish in Top Positions in Each Race, this is to give Other Drivers a chance to be more Competitive and give Incentive to do better. Top Positions still need to be discussed, regarding this so every driver is happy before the Series Starts

Points System will be up in a couple of days, but the Current Formula 1 Points seem the best course to begin with.

Race Laps are 25+This is around the range we are looking at.

I will be looking for some help regarding this Series to help it be more free flowing and enjoyable, I would appreciate it greatly.

Other Lower Class Series being Organised Soon

Prizes at Series End

1st, Xbox One Game of their Choice + MS Points
2nd, MS Points
3rd, MS Points
4th, MS Points
5th, MS Points
6th, MS Points

All Paid for by me

Start Date: Saturday 5th April 2014 - 6pm UK Time.

Race 1: Catalunya Full - 32 Laps
Race 2: Road America Full - 30 Laps
Race 3: Sebring Full - 30 Laps
Race 4: Spa - 25 Laps
Race 5: Silverstone GP - 30 Laps
Race 6: Yas Marina Full - 30 Laps

All Races have a Formation Lap.

Max of 2 Re-Starts.

1 Mandatory Pit Stop Each Race - Not on the 1st and Last Lap.

Each Race is every 2 Weeks from Saturday 5th April 2014.

Can you feel the EXCITEMENT YET?

Please Share and Let People Know, Thank You!

Car: Lotus E21

*** Practice Race This Saturday 22nd March 2014 @ Sebring Full - 20mins Qualifying Session - 30 Laps - 6pm UK Time *** If you what to participate Please Send me a Message on Xbox Live - Gamertag: BTR Snakie