Forza goes downhill?

i start off with a small intro, im a 31yrs old gamer, i played gran turismo 1 to 6, always got back to forza since i discovered forza
i have forza 2,3,4,5,6 and horizon 1. also i like to game online for better competition, and from there it goes downhill…

i played alot of competitions, always had alot of fun in the ghost competitions, because you dont get hammered off by hummers n stuff. now that part of the game is gone?
do (ghost) competitions come back?

also i play with a controller with all assists off, plays nice till you get to S800 or above, i cant drive those racecars with a controller…
so then we get to the DLC, i only skipped the nascar pack and the one with a TRUCK in it. WHY??? a truck…

i would really like to see the competitions come back (specially the ghost ones) and in DLC i would like to see 2016 cars or 2017. not packs of racecars that are undrivable for me

sorry to say but im coming to the point that im done with forza 6 pretty much, i see no more challenges for myself.


See ya later alligator.


Forza 6 has the best dlc ever!

Why 2016 cars? Some people like me love old and Classic cars.
Thats whats so good about Forza, it has cars for everyone.

You dont like it? Maybe try Project Cars or Assetto Corsa.

See you.


Rivals mode’s still there, and it’s still addictive. And if you think you’re good, hey, here’s your chance of winning a Focus RS by taking part in the Forza Racing Championship Rivals events!

That’s your problem, not T10’s. Many people can drive even the top of the line racing prototypes and open wheelers just fine with a controller.

Because believe it or not, people requested it, and it’s raced in real life in a - admittedly, quite enjoyable - FIA-sanctioned racing series.

See above.

It’s a shame you’re not enjoying FM6’s DLC; but hey, it seems we are at a conflict here. Either they make you happy, or they make me happy. I’d much rather take the latter.

K, thx, bye?


I’m sure ghost leagues will come back just as soon as the ForzaRC is done.

i dont give up that easy, i was trying to bring some points together i struggle with, so for everyone that says bye, ok bye back and hi again…

maybe i will give that a try, thnx.

true, alot of “controller” players play with abs, traction control, even the line, thats not my thing. and i also understand the nascar thing, except we europeans have no passion for that, and you have to admit that under the body are maybe 3 different cars instead of 20, so you have 20 livery’s.

so now with the content brought in, i loved the porsche pack, i also love the older models

i agree with you on that one, i specially like the older japanese cars (classics) but i there are so many newer model cars that can be added or special editions of cars that exist.

Just because you don’t like the cars in the dlc’s doesn’t mean they’re junk. If you can’t drive above S class then that’s your problem.

Also there are ghost leagues every day so idk what the hell you’re going on about.

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I can race competitively, with a controller, with Full Damage on, with Fuel and Tire Wear On, with No assists, in any car in the game, wit hone exception. the new Lotus (E31?) F! GP Car. In that one, I have to turn traction control to ON, before I am competitive with it.

They are brining cars into the Forza Universe as quickly as they can. Sometimes they have choices, sometimes not. They HAVE to find a perfectly stock, pristine example of the car so they can scan it in, and measure its performance. They are limited mostly by that, they also are limited by the IP (Intellectual Property Licenses). They cannot just scan a car into the game and call it day. They have to get permission from the folks that own those rights (in the case of Ferrari, Microsoft owns those rights, in the case of Porsche-EA owns those rights).

It takes about nine months from the time they get permission to scan the car, until we see it in the game. In other words, all of the DLC for a release is planned well in advance of the actual release date of the game. It is just am matter of getting the work done in a timely manner.

Go to the various websites, and look around for a group with which to game. Luckily, I have a bout ten of my (local) friends who also used to race in the physical world, that now race together in Forza.

(I used to race 280zx’s/300zx’s(84-88), and CJ7’s on the west coast. I was not lucky enough to find a team or sponsors to fund my habit.)

  1. It’s a Motorsport-game. So expect Racecars.
    2.They bring in older cars bacause they have a history and a story behind them.
  2. You know how long it takes to make a car ? No ? 6-7 month ! So dont expect much cars from 2017 and 2016. ( and they need a license for every car )
    We only have the 2017 Raptor, 2017 Ford GT and 2017 Focus RS in the game bacause Turn10 has a deal with ford.
  3. Undrivable for you ? I can understand that but a lot of people who can handle these cars really like them and enjoy driving them.
    Only because you dont like them, doesn’t mean, that it should be in the game.

I agree with you on the callenges stuff.

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you know how to program? No? i know things take that long, im not a fool. why was the 2017 ford GT in from the start?
you know you can already buy 2017 cars? and 2018 models are already reveiled?

  1. I did not say, that you are a fool.
  2. 2017 Ford was in there because turn10 has a special deal with ford for Forza Motorsport 6.
  3. I know, that cars from 2017 and 18 are reveiled but turn10 needs a real car model to bring the car into the game.
  4. turn10 asks car-manufacturers for the car model. If the manufacturer says: “No”, turn10 cant do anything.

thnx for giving your opinions

1 thing i noticed, why is there so much hating on here?

the people i got no sense from:

unLtd Cervy
David Van Mol - dankjewel had iets meer volwassenheid verwacht

is this forum to get you depressed and out of the game or to help each other? grow up ppl

If you come to a forum to give negativity expect negativity to be directed back at you.

I was just refuting your claims on why this game is going “downhill”, as you put it. There are things called opinions, and even if your opinion of racecars is “I don’t like them, they’re too hard to drive”, that doesn’t mean everyone else has to feel that way. If you’re having that much trouble driving them then turn TCS on and stop complaining. You also said how there’s no ghost lobbies, yet there is a ghost league up every day (except now because of ForzaRC) that pertains to a specific class. So you can’t complain about that either.

You can’t make an argument with subjective claims alone.