Forza glue

A couple of months ago my league and I have noticed we start sticking to anything we hit. Mostly it’s each other. A little bump will have us stuck to the other car even when we both steer in opposite directions. Perhaps it has to do with the new collisions settings. It is incredibly frustrating as a small tap will have you both put to the back of the pack.

I’ve also noticed it with walls at Rio doing the league’s 70s F1 simulation. The road is so bumpy that you can accidentally touch a wall and lose most of your speed which takes 3-4 seconds to recover.

It happens in career mode with AI cars, too.

I noticed this after the collision assist update, prior to that it seemed that two cars would repel each other with nothing absorbed, like snooker balls. Post Collison assist it seems the cars will absorb the impact and can even get stuck together briefly.

It’s rare and I personally can’t recall it happening side by side, however I can recall instances where the other car has hit my rear corner with their front corner, similar to a PIT manoeuvre. One time in particular in league race exiting the hairpin at Suzuka, contact on my left rear resulted in cars being “stuck”. And despite best efforts to unstick myself by steering to the right, both of cars went across the road and into wall to the left approx. 60m from initial contact (not a spin, cars were travelling forward). I was leading on last lap so it was pretty annoying….

Maybe a slight repelling force needs to be re-applied, just enough so the contact has small bounce in the opposite direction.

Though the collisions have been improved for the most part, this is a slight issue. I personally think all Turn 10 needs to do is reduce the friction of the car body itself and perhaps add an ever so slight push back force upon contact but nothing too strong. Turning off collision assist does help however.

Another genious solution from turn10, it`s just so realistic

It’s abundantly better than what we had previously, especially in multiplayer.

Agreed, you can try the older collision system in FM6, feels unplayable right now.

In multiplayer FM6’s collisions are unplayable. A scrape will cause another car to spin out.