Forza Game score

Not really sure where to put this as I could not find a suitable forum.
So I will post it here and it can be moved by the mods or someone.
As Lots of peeps have found this franchise later on as myyself included.
I know we can’t get a lot of the achievements now in lesser titles
But how about if turn 10 or who ever it is down to.
Could give us the scores for it if we have played far enough into the said games.
I’m sure it can be done, Might not be worth the hassle to who ever it’s down to but would be a bonus for us that will not be able to complete the games now.
Just a thought But would be nice.

I have read this a few times and still don’t know what you are asking for.


Same here.

I “guess” it’s again about the VERY FEW (2 ???) achievements that can’t be done anymore, and he wants them to be unlocked for those who completed all the rest of the game …

YEP ! But from Forza 2 upto Forza 4 as these are classed as old games now

I think he means instead of points for achievements or cars owned you would get points for completion percentage.

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Simply go back to the other titles and play them. The Rewards does exactly what you are asking for already. Unless you are looking for something for nothing.

This is exactly what I’m doing my friend !

Simple enough.
Giving us the game score for the unobtainable achievements in earlier games if they have been played in recent times.

It’s simple now, but I wasn’t sure you were asking for that in your original post either.

I doubt it will happen, and given that there’s enough points regardless to hit the highest tier that’s currently reachable even without those achievements, I don’t think it’s a big issue.

I’m really not sure what you’re saying here if I’m completely honest. You want the gamerscore for achievements you haven’t unlocked?


afaik only 2 achievements can’t be unlocked anymore.

Forza 2: Car Broker (20G)
Forza 4: Unicorn Hunter (10G)

I totally understand your “problem” and it’s a pity that, let’s call them “new players”, can’t have a 100% Gamerscore in the older games anymore.

But we are talking about 2 achievements with a total of 30G.

And everybody complaining should get used to this.

Since the lifetime of some online services (hello EA xD) is ridiculous short there are and will be more and more achievements that can’t be unlocked in older games anymore.

But WHO really CARES ???

Sorry … first world problem … :-x

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HA! that is funny - and true.


Personally I don’t even really understand the desire for total achievement score. It’s just an arbitrary number at the end of the day.

Some games give you a thousand in a day. Others you can play months to complete.I couldn’t care less whether someone has a gamerscore of 750 or 750,000.

Take Forza… Someone may complete the game playing every career race on newcomer whilst someone else completes on unbeatable, so the achievements mean little.

I’m far more interested in personal progression and improvement. I am not guided by achievements but by what a game has to offer me. Some games I’ll play well beyond an arbitrary 1000, others I’m done with after less than 100.


This is common as games get older. Just complete what you can and move on.

If 100% achievements is your goal, research older games before buying. There are some games where you’ll only get a fraction of the total achievements.


When you’re really close to getting 1000/1000 I can definitely understand how it can be frustrating to not be able to get that little bit more that makes a perfect score.

But yeah, this isn’t going to get changed. The achievements are what they are, and you either have them or you don’t.

there are several reasons people like to get 100% of the Gamerscore out of a game:

Completionist personality
because they want a challenge

but I think the biggest reason is because of what Microsoft did before the xbox one launched. people with really high gamer scores could get free games, or even a free xbox one, but I do think that if you have to get EVERY achievement for any given game, then make sure you play the game at least the first year after release.

Not interested in the Achievements not being available as in stated in OP.
Would just be nice to have all the points available as stated by a couple who understood what I was saying. It was only a suggesten after all.