Forza Gallery down once more

Honestly, I don’t ever post [much] in the forza forums unless there’s like…something wrong with it. In which, that’s basically just it…

Anyways cough Forza Gallery. I have MANY photos taken in it since the Lego Expansion released and I was really looking forward into posting them on social media. However, seems like the forza Gallery in the community tab won’t show them :’(

Hopefully it’s fixed soon… P.S. wasn’t sure where to post this small little discussion at so Ill just leave it here unless it gets moved…or…something…lol?

If anyone is interested in seeing the photos I’ve taken in forza feel free to look up my simple gamertag in the photos section of FH4, or any other forza game. I’ll let you know now there’s over 80 photos I’ve taken in FH4 so get ready for a beefy loading time lol.

But yeah, Forza Gallery isn’t working as far as I know when I go to the tab to see my photos. Hopefully it comes back soon :^)

I am also having issues displaying my gallery via either the website or the app. no luck :frowning:

Works for me on the web.