Forza fuel [teams youtube content note]

Please be warned . I have just joined TeamFear, and upon signing up you are presented with a link to ’ Fear Crads’ youtube page. Sitting hear with my 8yr old son I was appalled to discover that foul language was being used.


Better write a letter!

Foul Language? On YouTube? What is the world coming to?


Just assumed that since it was a link from a Forza page that it would be clean :slight_smile:

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Holy flying spaghetti meatballs!

Thanks for the info, the situation is currently being looked into. People should be aware that as it is youtube the content of the videos can not be guaranteed and appropriate care should be taken when viewing third party websites.

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Yeah, he gets a mite sweary at times. I would have assumed people would know what to expect from youtubers by now. This is why i preview stuff with headphones on these days before the kids get near it. Not that they haven’t heard me cursing the sky blue after a mis-placed hammer strike or similar…

Shut the F…ront door. lol

You son of a mother duck…

Well gee willickers, fellas, this is some mighty foul language you all are using. I have come to expect better from you all!

My humblest apologies Koi. I do declare, i don’t know what happenstance pre-possessed me to outwardly verbalise such colourful and odious metaphors.