Forza for newbies's you need to limit what class car they can run in

If they limited the newbies to B class and lower until their driver level gets up-to say level 300, then the online lobbies would be a much better place. Fed up with racing with people that cannot control anything above B class and deliberately ram leaders out of jealousy.
If it wasn’t for racing leagues i would never play Forza online it’s just not fun most of the time.


Theoretically the game could boot someone off the track just before a high impact collision, or even make them brake.

Turn10 are not even trying improve MP in the slightest.

No! Your way off. I’m only level 200 and I was surprised to find that I beat level 400-1500 level drivers a pretty fair amount. And what about those guys that lose their save and have to start over. Driver level does not equal driver skill. Let’s just report the rammers please


Not to be an arse hat but like that does anything im sick and tired of blocking and reporting it does NOTHING, there like the proverbial grey hair for every one you pull out two more grow back.

something else NEEDS to be done.

In my early days playing Forza, I’d race with my club at the time and we’d just run through the classes F through to R1 and repeat (this is forza 4). I set my 1st top 100 time at alps festival in R1. I can’t say I’ve seen any evidence sticking to lower classes enables new drivers to progress better.

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Why should I be stuck with the “noobs” just because I like to race lower classes.

You don’t like the online hoppers, feel free to set up your own.


I see what your saying but they could make separate lobbies to allow the more experienced drivers to race lower class cars without the newbies.

Its alright saying set up your own lobby but its not that easy when everyone isn’t online at the same time, plus why should i when i want to play the game properly maybe saying level 300 was a bit high but still.

If they could do that then what would be the need to put “noobs” in lower class races?

As for you OP that is just silly, it’s a sound idea but it just silly. Why you ask, well as some have stated what about people who get reset(that’s a big factor) should they now have to drive lower classes, what about people who have been with the brand since Forza 1 but get the game late and want to race higher classes should they be made to wait, what about someone who is a great driver but doesn’t have a lot of time to play Forza to get a high driver level should they be stuck in lower classes, as PTG said what about people who just like to race in lower classes but are very good at the game. A higher driver level doesn’t mean you’re going to be good at the game it just means you play it more than others.

Online lobbies are always going to be a gamble no matter what system they have in place to try and fix it because there’s always just going to be “that guy” who has a good time by ruining other peoples good time, you just have to take the bad with the good or move on.

Pray we get custom public lobbies back in Forza 6 so you can just weed out the bad eggs

a licence system like gran turismo would be nice. anything above c is usually a cluster with newer players.

I would love the opportunity to connect to a multiplayer hopper and race. I wouldn’t even be upset if I got taken out in the first turn by a new person.

At least I would be racing on line.

Until you’ve proven you’re skilled enough by playing a percentage of career up to a certain driver level before allowed to attempt online multiplayer.


terrible idea. I hate racing against AI and having to race even 1 race against AI is far too much. I have no intention of playing any career/ single player in Forza or pretty much any game at all for that matter. Also, i don’t think it would help at all. There’s people that have played Forza for years yet still struggle to beat the AI drivers not even on their most difficult setting.

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I paid for the game, same as you. Why shouldn’t I be entitled to use all of its features?


The solution is user created public lobbies - where the creator has the all out ability to kick ( no vote needed) That way a clean lobby could be created and maintained and accidents wouldn’t be penalized and you have the ability to meet some one new. Then a n00b who is trying to learn could be paired with a fast guy like Claret and Dsquared and every one would be happy (well sort of)

–no algorithms, no coding, no ratings to be cheated, no need for T10 to modify anything (except bring back user created public lobbies).— simple solution.


At least somebody gets where the problem lies…

Matchmaking doesn’t work for this style of play. Let the players police themselves.


About playing career. I do completely agree that playing against the AI is extremely difficult because as you improve so do they but who said you have to come in 1st to complete an event. All I’m saying is that certain criteria should be met before someone is able to play multi player. When someone is learning how to drive, are they given the keys to a car and allowed to drive in traffic on the first day? I wasn’t. This game should be no different and if I’m not mistaken there are different game types that don’t call for much skill. If there was skill matching in this game it wouldn’t even be an issue. You’re only entitled to what you’ve earned.

The problem is how do you quantify the skill level. Collisions, leaderboards, driver level, or some other complicated series of data points that are weighed… Further complicating the system you would have guys like Lou who may be top 100 driver in D and C but top 10k in R and X.

Ultimately, I don’t care if I’m teamed up with someone that leaves me behind… or someone that I would leave in the dust - and I’m more than willing to show a n00b what car I would use - tune i would use - where to brake etc, and take being hit on accident… That’s community. It’s the guys that don;t want to learn, and think plowing through and using drivatars as braking points and then come to the multiplayer lobbies and think what they thought they learned as winning tactic, is NOT acceptable. If it was FM4 in my lobby - player would be kicked and we move on - further more go to recently met and BLOCK so that way I don’t have to worry about them again.

There is no better place to learn how to drive then with another driver who knows how to. BAR NONE. The career does not teach persons how to drive and in fact it may have the exact opposite effect as many n00bs probably take the past of least resistance and start ramming there just to get a gold medal, because they have been taught to get a grip tune… Auto upgrade was a terrible idea for n00b players.

Great point Kouki about your skill level should automatically fallow you through out the franchise especially when it comes to the racing sim.

It can be frustrating, annoying yes but its part and parcel of any game noobs are learning at first. cast your mind back at your first on line race OP how good where you? We have all been there and have , if in a good lobby, been encouraged and help to race better. Your idea is a little short sighted to be honest. More encouragement to those learning will weed out the bad racers, like natural selection.

encourage not hamper those that are learning the art of forza

i actually was pretty rubbish at the beginning so i stuck to practicing and the staying at B class and below which is why i recommend staying in the lower classes at first so you can learn the tracks and get used to the way the cars handle on this Forza, after a month or 2 i started moving upto A class as my skill level had gone up and now im regularly setting times in the top 2 thousand. amount of people i have heard getting disheartened because they are struggling because the car is 2 powerful for them.

i haven’t got a problem with newbies of course they will be slow doesn’t mean you need to ram people on purpose.