Forza Festival PvP/PvE requirements

I want to preface this by saying I’m a father of two children- so it’s insanely difficult to play anything that I can’t pause. This is the main reason for my complaints.

I am sick and tired of having things that require other humans be mandatory. It happened in FH3 a lot too, and I was so happy that finally I didn’t really have to care about it anymore. Now here we are and every week now there’s a co-op event and a playground games event. I think it’s extremely rude to force people to play this way- I do not enjoy being bound to my screen for 45 minutes straight because I cannot pause and tend to anything needing to be done. I do not like competing with other people, never have- and my PvP was sharing my 19" RCA’s screen with a friend who stayed the night and most of the time we just goofed around in the levels instead of actually competing (before open worlds).

It’s not only about personal preference, but the thing I’ve run into now 3 times this week and 2 last week before giving up was people who join just to troll. That’s what happens when they’re given the opportunity and that’s another complaint of it all. "Hey you bored? Let’s go purposely lose an event for someone who is trying to get it done". Then there’s of course the fact that maybe they aren’t good enough and since it’s ‘unbeatable’ they honestly can’t complete it… which is another bad thing about the event. Basically encouraging people to get carried.

Last week I know it wasn’t enough to hit 80% if you didn’t do the mandatory PvE/PvP events, so I lost out on the Hudson Hornet again (because the first time it was advertised to me on login because I have the most expensive version- car pass or whatever… but I never actually got the car… thanks PG?).

I just wish to know why this is required. Why can’t it just be the non-online events are enough for both cars? Do they make more money if people play with others? Cause aside from freezing/crashing it’s the only thing that makes me not want to play the game. Maybe I’m showing my age, I don’t know, but just something I wanted to get off my chest and see if I’m alone.


You are not alone, multiplayer in this game is a hot mess. I’m on my fourth attempt of the trial this week. If it’s not being run out of checkpoints by team mates it’s having two or more players who can’t seem to get out of last place… or the epic demolition derby at the start of every race.

Tonight I even had one of the npc cars run me out of a checkpoint it’s crazy.

Dont do them then
Seriously you are not forced to nor are required to
The cars arent essential to get to enjoy the game
Why are people obsessed with it

Its obviously not meant for everyone

You can choose to just do the qualify for ranked which you dont even need to win…it’s just participation to get all rewards if you need them so bad, it’s worth 18% to each week, and you wouldnt need to do the other team multiplayer

I do 100% easily without much of an effort each week
No more than what i did before it was introduced
And i play all my other games each week as well
I have a friend who is doing 100% over 4 different gamertags without much issue but its the only game he plays

You don’t need to flex on people just because you reach 100%. The cars might not be essential since there are like 600 of them but that doesn’t mean they should be locked away from many people with all these MP s***. and what is "not meant for everyone "? they are literally free content.

Your missing the point of the original poster. Some people just dont have extended periods of free time.
I use to play multiplayer games alot but now having a child you need the ability to pause the game as anything can happen at anytime.
This had lead my to play Forza because I can pause and rewind mid race to deal with issues.

As I can get free time to do multiplayer relatively uninterupted then I can compete in the forza multiplayer stuff.
This brings the second issue of being bound by your team mates. Im not the best driver but can usually get in the top5 cars consistantly.
Many times I have needed the majority of the team to quit after the first race loss to carry the next two races.
Im doing my part so why should I need to constantly search new teams because players cant get out of last place and give the other team a bulk of free points.
Same for playground games. I really like these but being team bound to win is annoying.
Some people just dont have the free time to keep playing until they find a “winning” team.

I also have a friend that wants to play on xbox but due to poor internet, etc cant finish the multiplayer stuff.
So he loses access to content due to this. I have taken his xbox for the night to get some cars for him.

Multiplayer content should be in extra to the offline content. This should give the extra rewards in whelspins.
I dont mind if they add more races or challenges as long as it can be done offline or paused.
If you own the game and pc/console you should have equal oppertunity to get content and not be forced online or be bound by the skill of other players.

reread what I highlighted, you don’t need a team( or even win ), just some time to do it , it’s just participation

But not all online stuff is participation. This week you needed to win playground games to get the Daytona.
If this car is in the Autoshow then it doesnt matter, you can grind credits to get it, But its not, its locked behind winning an online event.
Some people dont have time or internet to do this.
Like my friend, why should he missout on cool cars just because he has #$&* internet and cant play the online stuff but can easily grind the offline stuff.
Or he is the player that joins your team and does nothing because the internet is so bad and MUST be carried.

Its a racing game where people want cars. Dont lock cars behind online stuff UNLESS there is other ways to earn/grind them offline.
Put wheelspins and clothing with online events. Leave rare cars to have the ability to be earned offline and without relying on others.
Add more races to make 80% playlist possible offline. So people that cant play online or need the ability to pause mid game can.

I’m not a fan of attempts to strongarm me into playing with/against random people. Or into playing on harder difficulties for that matter - I can and have won races on Unbeatable, but I don’t enjoy it (unless I’m cheesing it in D class with the mighty Peel P50).

All they need to do is add more championships that can be done solo, no one should be forced to play MP modes especially when those modes are plagued by players who are just out to grief others.

Yes, you’re right. Forcing people to play online is stupid. 80% should be possible to reach WITHOUT trails, games and ranked… or change it to not to win, just complete.

I really miss the circuit championships in FH3!

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You can reach 80% without trials and Playgroundgames. The problem starts when you get an exclusive car from them. ;(

No you can’t, i did everything but the online events last season and i was sitting at 72%. Even if you do every solo championship, event and daily challenge it’s still not enough. You have to play at least one of those awful online events to hit 80%.

he didn’t say all online events, he said without trials and playground games
if you do the qualifying for ranked adventure you don’t need trials or playground games

This is part of what it says in the spiel, “Microsoft Account and Xbox Live may be required for setup, some updates, content including some cars and features, including retention of some gameplay settings and information”

Xbox Live != Xbox Live Gold.

Also, I have Gold (it pays for itself with the extra discounts). Merely having Gold doesn’t fix the issue that content is still locked behind multiplayer.

Yes, the game is clearly designed to drive sales of Xbox Live Gold.