Forza does not start Windows 10

Hello, I want to start Forza 7, then the Forza Motorsport 7 window opens. After about 2 seconds it closes again.

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I have been having the exact same problem. Please help

Take a look at this document. see if you can find a solution. i suggest to try these methods first, they are safe.

-The Troubleshooter for Windows Apps
-Resetting the Apps through Windows Settings
-Turning Firewall on for all Profiles through Command Prompt (Admin)
-Check your Xbox-Services
-Visual C++ Redistributable Packages, XNA Framework, .NET Framework

if that doesn’t work, try these methods, but they are more risk, i recommend doing a backup first of your Windows10.

-Remove and Reinstall Xbox-Apps through Powershell
-Take ownership of your Harddisk and grant “ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES” access to important folders