Forza decals on wheels and how to delete

Hello, I absolutely consider it is very ugly and make the car uglier. If you change the type of wheel this logo comes out, but you know if there is another way to avoid spend 10000cr each time??? Maybe in the future will be a good idea edit those labels

I think the only way is to upgrade the tires.

While I’m not crazy about the “loud” tires, it does do a couple of things right: 1) Its art imitating life; this is a current trend in the show industry and tires of decades past proudly displayed manufacturer. 2) It also helps clearly denote who is in FE car and not a normal edition, regardless of paint scheme. Sometimes the widebody is a dead give away as well, sometimes.

I’m not even a traditional “white wall” fan on most period correct builds; however, sometimes that little extra flair is the icing on the cake.