Forza crashes when racing Indianapolis

I’m doing the domination championship unable to progress due to the fact the when I race around Indianapolis the map doesn’t load and the game crashes after like 3 laps. I’m playing on Xbox One (not the S). I have tried racing Indianapolis on free-play and can confirm that the same thing (2-3 laps with an unloaded map then crash) happens. Does anyone have any recommendations as to what I should do?

Do what I did. If it’s on an external drive/internal drive. Uninstall it, take out the game. Put game back in, fully install and update BEFORE opening the game. Install to internal drive. Don’t load the game up if Xbox says “ready to start”. Make sure it’s 100% done. Takes forever but it fixed my crashing issues because originally it must have had corrupted data.

I had the same issue as you but different track. This fix worked for me. I had a thread on here about Mount Panamera Curcuit.

That ended up working. Thanks!

I will try this! Thanks!

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