Forza crashed and now the frame rate and performance has permanently tanked


This isnt the first time this has happened but with each update, the game appears to refresh and this error goes away until an inevitable crash. Afterwards, any further attempts to play the game result in 30-40 fps (if lucky) from what was once 60fps constantly. This isn’t my biggest gripe with this however, as the game also develops what appears to be slow motion? (granted frame smoothing is on the game plays at half the speed) and this occurs almost every 5 seconds. With frame smoothing turned off, instead the game will just completely pause for half to one second then continue and this occurs every couple of seconds.

I have no clue what to do as all fixes that i have attempted are to no avail and it seems that these crashes just corrupt my game files and once an update rolls out they get fixed only to fail again. I wish there was a file i could edit or delete that could possibly fix this but the whole installation and directory of Horizon 3 is a nightmare plus toying with permissions is also needed.

System specs:

Gtx 960 4gb (stock)
intel core 95-3570kk @3.4ghz (clocked @3.8)
Windows 10 pro 64-bit (build 14393)
8gb RAM

Any help will be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

I have also attached some DxDiag info