Forza Community

Maybe I am the only one, but does anyone else really miss this time around 2 years ago, right before/with Horizon 2? The genuine excitement and bond within this community was something that I have never seen before, and haven’t seen since. From around the time Horizon 2 was announced, all the way until January when Motorsport 6 was announced, the community was at it’s prime, with everyone always talking, the Forums being so active, and everyone being hyped, to me at least. Even with the X360-X1 drama, everyone was only protesting because they cared, and wanted the Forza series to get better. Like I said earlier, I haven’t seen it like that since FM6, and am just hoping with the return and rise of the Horizon series, the community once again becomes more active and together again. Horizon 2 not only strengthened us, but brought on many more people who would not like Forza, if it weren’t for that game. Within the Instagram community, YouTube, and even Twitter, everyone loved Horizon and was constantly talking about it. It would make sense to see growth again, especially considering the general public does like the Horizon series more than the Motorsport, myself included. Please do, though, discuss your thoughts on this below, I would love to hear others opinons.

Horizon has more players, should be announced at E3. Problem is Horizon I believe has caused the multiplayer chaos F5 was not like this. People who played Horizon I think were a little shocked how different tack racing is. Anyway I’m looking forward to H3, be a nice change of pace by the time it comes out.