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Hey guys, new to the forum ( but not to Forza )

I’ve been managing a facebook page where I post the best content I take . You can visit my page HERE.

A few shots from FH3 to get the party started

lovely combo , awesome light

just crazy lights. lovem

caveman TdF, on sundown

another shot with lovely light. actually managed to trick people into thinking this is a RL photo

Thanks for the interest, cheers :smiley:

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just crazy lights. lovem
This one is pretty cool, getting the party started indeed :slight_smile:

^^ I agree, that shot is stunning.

+1 they said it, i was thinking it lol good work

thanks for the feedback !
It was just my luck to enter the festival just as it started raining + turning dark.

We all know the light is superb in this game, all it’s left now is searching for the perfect setup

First off, I like the direction you are going with your initial photos. You have used some interesting scenery and various different lighting variations from around the map. However, I feel there is much improvement to be made with the photos, which I will go through below for you to help you with your future photos.

Personally, I feel this has the potential to be a fantastic action shot. But, without any shutter speed there is no action. My eyes are also drawn to the fact there is no aperture leaving much of the photo very jagged and unsightly.

Obviously with this photo, I can see that the lighting is the main focus point. In that aspect it’s a good photo, though like with the previous photo, a splash of aperture would go a long way turning this good photo into a great photo. Also, remember to focus on the corners of your photos too. (Top-right, top-left & middle-left)

This I feel is your strongest photo so far. The lens effects add a lot of power to the shot. It’s almost magical with all the bokeh inside the cave. The only thing I’d add is a bit of shutter speed and the slightest bit of aperture.

I really like the idea behind this one, but unfortunately I don’t feel it’s worked out too well. The lighting is really nice, but the composition, lack of aperture and the shadow on the road take away from the photo. My best suggestion is to go back to that spot and have a mess around with it. Try out different spots within the location, different settings and different compositions. Also remember to add some aperture.

Overall a good start to this thread. I look forward to seeing your next batch of shots.


Dude, thanky you very much for pointing out everything you noticed.

I’m very happy someone actually took their time to analyze my shots, given the fact that I’m just a programmer who loves cars :smiley: .

Yes, sometimes I feel stuff is missing from my shots and you were spot on.
Thanks again for the feedback. You’ll be seeing more from me :smiley:
Cheers !

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You’re welcome. I was a bit worried you would think I’m insulting your photos, so I’m happy you’ve acknowledged it. I’ve been checking into your Facebook page now and then over the last few months and the photos above are definitely some of your top photos. As long as you don’t neglect the shutter speed and aperture settings you’ll already be seeing a massive improvement in your photos.

Senpai finally noticed me ! hehe

Thank for the support, I owe you one :smiley:

I don’t usually set the shutter speed to 0 unless it’s a static shot, but I understand why I’d need some even for those.

does this need more color ?

static shot with a bit of shutter speed. Sometimes the light is too strong for me to take a decent shot without ruining the colors. What do you suggest ?

These two I really like, tho I can truly say I’m enjoy night time photos more and more. The Aussie sun is just too much now and then

There are some great shots here! As Teriaksun said, these would be much more better if you make use of the effects section which can create a good shot into a stunning one.
Keep them coming!


That’s some great advice given by Hachikata. Really not much I can add to that so I’ll just say great work and keep experimenting!

Just love it when I find a drivatar with a proper car

I’ve got a “thing” for blue Ferraris

Very nice! A bit of aperture to blur the trees in the background may have helped even more :wink: I also like the shot right after this one.

Thanks ! I always play with the aperture, exposure and shutter speed, trying not to get the same effect on different pictures.
Can’t win em all :smiley:

Here are some more shots ( I have a thing for the 458 Speciale )

-These last two shots are edited, had to change the brake calipers color - it’s a shame we can’t change it in-game :frowning:

This is the untouched version , also entered in Photocomp3

Wanted to say thank you all again for the advice. I’ll keep em comming :smiley: cheers

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Nice photo’s!
This one is my favorite:

I like THE color of THE car, great taste!

Thanks Patrick ! It’s a Metal Flake paint ( from the special colors section ). The key is setting the Flake color in the shade that you want , but as dark as possible.

This 458 has Yellow base color and Dark green Flake color.

If you really like this one in particular, I can send you the color code the next time I play Horizon. Just let me know :smiley:

Thanks for THE info. I like to make custom colors. I don’t like to used colors witch make by somebody else haha :wink:

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That’s the spirit :wink:


start of a street race

Lovely color on the car! I really like the shot mentioned by Patrick, as well as this one: