Forza British Touring Car Championship (FBTCC) Series - Race 1 @ 3-10-2015

Welcome to FBTCC, a realistic, professional, and enjoyable racing series!

At FBTCC, we intend to run a professional style series for all players of all levels of skill. Using the BTCC cars confirmed for FM6, we will run a random sequence of events (using both rain and dry circuits) with teams of 2 people, racing to score points. Simple principle, much like that of the real deal.

The cars will be kept as equal as possible, and as it turns out, the cars selected are in fact within a second of each other (when left standard and withoutus interfering with the minute details!) With YOUR car, there are to be no upgrades, but you may by all means fiddle with the tyre pressure, etc to suit you!


》2014 Audi S3 Saloon
》2014 BMW 125i M Sport
》2014 Mercedes-Benz A-Class
》2014 Toyota Avensis

Please note, we are limiting the number of drivers to 6 per car. That means there are to be 3 teams per car. This will allow us to have some variety on the field instead of 24 of the same car!

The tracks we will use will not be totally representative of BTCC. Because of Forza’s great number of tracks, we will use international circuits. On top of this, we will randomly select as to whether or not a circuit will be wet or dry using an unbiased internet thingy-ma-bob with a 75:25 ratio of dry:wet. Again, see our Google Document for more details.

Rules are obvious. No intentional contact, good sportsmanship, etc, etc, etc.

We look forward to seeing you all on the track!

  • Dribbly Midget
  • Ford Racing TJ
  • xBGHY

People interested:

》Ford Racing TJ (#29) ✓
》Dribbly Midget (#96) ✓
》TheScotsGamer (#88) ✓
》xBGHY (#28) ✓
》SCS Skreamies (#06) ✓
》Zedzillaaa (#09) ✓
》stevieb94 (#02) ✓
》TheFisherLC (#08) ✓
》xFuriousPanda (#14) ✓
》EpicEvan777 (#21)
》ll Hop Along ll (#23) ✓
》FireKickerzZ (#11) ✓
》Crinz (#13) ✓
》LaZr karma (#16) ✓
》TheSagaris458 (#17) ✓
》F1XL Punisher (#77) ✓
》Savo7en (#131)
》xl iTrANcE lx (#117) ✓
》dirty heebs (#07)
》MonstaBoYY (#33) ✓
》jdm0 (#66) ✓
》Philinator24 (#24) ✓


Hoist Aklo

Race Calender:

》27/10/15 - Introductory Events - See Google Document.

These races will be at 7:30pm BST:
》3/10/15 - Lime Rock Park (Alternate) - 11 Laps - Google Document
》10/10/15 - Silverstone International - 9 Laps
》17/10/15 - Hockenheim Short - 9 Laps
》24/10/15 - Yas Marina South Circuit - 10 Laps

These races will be at 7:30pm GMT (clocks have gone back) so 6pm BST:
》31/10/15 - COTA East Circuit - 10 Laps
》7/11/15 - Catalunya National Circuit - 9 Laps
》14/11/15 - Nurburgring GP - 7 Laps
》21/11/15 - Participant Vote - TBC

The Google Document to refer to!
The Rule Sheet
Introductory Event Details


I’m down, sign me up.

Great idea. I have been wanting to compete in a series but I work rotating shift so my schedule is a challenge.

I remember doing the Clio Cup with you guys back on Forza 4 (although I can’t remember if you hosted it?). I’m down for this.

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I believe TJ hosted that, but yeah, that was us :slight_smile:

I’ll put you all down :slight_smile:

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Seeing this brought an idea I have had for quite some to the forefront of my mind. It may be too late but, I posted it in the features wishlist.

I’m not a certainty because my time schedule may conflict, but I’m definately interested.

No problem!

We’ll try to work around people’s schedules/work/study/etc, but I’ve put you down with a (?) anyhow :slight_smile:

Thanks man and yeah it’s study :frowning:

Now, this looks interesting! Would you sign me in?

You two know I will take part, hopefully I have the time to as long as race times are good.

Just like Clio old times :slight_smile:


I shall start my livery soon :slight_smile:

Go for it.

Though, you’ll need FM6 before you start :wink:

You can import designs :wink:

Oh, well, fair show. I didn’t know that was possible xD

I’d be interested depending on what time of day you plan on Racing, I’m eastern standard time zone USA.

Damn forgot about the time zone, that’ll be a big factor for me with school and that. I’m GMT Greenwich Mean Time.

Not to worry. I’ll be in the same boat (providing uni goes to plan), and I’ll be basing it round GMT/BST. To try and cater for those in the US, etc, it’ll probably be later in the evening to get a relatively fair tome for all of us. Not late, perhaps 7PM or so :slight_smile:

Sounds Decent enough, nice :slight_smile: