Forza Apex White Screen Then Crash

Hey everyone I cant get forza apex working again. I had it working fine the other day. I have 61 medals so I meet the specs. I looked around the forums tried different things. Reinstalled etc. Can anyone help me? It was just working fine the other day now it wont load. Thank you.


guess im the only one having an issue with this?

ugh turn 10… anyone with this issue with the game?

Hi there,

I’m having this problem too, sometimes after a few races, sometimes with no reason at all.

EDIT: I have a Geforce 920M (latest driver, 368.39, I guess), 16 GB of RAM and a Intel Core i5 (5200U), Windows 10 x64 (fully updated). Anything in common?

I havent been able to play in over a week. Tried everything. was working great a few weeks back. sorry to hear about that with you too.

I cant play the game anymore. nothing but a white screen. it was working fine and one day just stopped. i cant find a fix online.

A while back I had a white screen crash after updating my Nvidia drivers. I noticed the update changed a couple of my Nvidia Control Panel settings. The setting that seemed to cause the white screen crash was the “monitor refresh” setting which was changed to highest possible. Once I changed it back to my original setting of [application controlled] the game worked again.