Forza anniversary?

2015 will mark the 10th year anniversary of the Forza Franchise. A lot of people expect something special to happen this year, for example, Forza 1 ported to the Xbox One.

Today’s video about Forza 6 made me feel like ‘‘Wait, is this really happening?’’ Yeah, check out the video:

Watch closely at 3:49 or 4:46. You can see some Forza games in the background with the new Ford GT. Maybe we will have a Ford DLC for Forza Motorsport 2 to 5 and Forza Horizon 1 and 2. Then we get Forza 1 anniversary ported to the Xbox One with the Ford GT model in-game. Or we just get every game from last generation ported to the Xbox One, which will be extremely awesome(too good to be real tho).

But it’s all speculations. Maybe it’s just a poster with photoshoped pictures. What do you think guys?

Nice find!

There won’t be DLC for FM2 to FH. Turn10 doesn’t care for the 360 since FM5. Don’t count on vintage Forza games being ported. It’s quite rare (if it already happend) that racing games with real cars are ported.

That’s all true man. But if Microsoft published Halo 1 anniversary, even remastered, then ported it to the Xbox One, we might have a chance to get Forza 1.

Nah, completely different. A shooter, no matter how old is still the same shooter with a new coat of paint.

To remaster and re-release forza 1 would not only kill all of us with rose tinted glasses, the physics etc would be sub standard by 2015 standards. It just wouldnt be the same as it was back in 2005.