Forza and Windows reinstall

Hello everyone -

Going to be honest, I havent searched or looked through everything, but havent found anything obvious either.
So for a particular reason (one other game just randomly starts crashing and is unplayable until a Windows reinstall/rest - dont ask me why, I dont know and their support is particularly bad), I might have reinstall/reset Windows every 1-2 months and Forza is currently on that drive. I don’t have much experience with moving the game from one drive to another and the folder structure it brings with itself is too ugly for my game drive/OCD.

The fact is, I just don’t want to download it again and again. Is there any way to backup and restore these files (without a third party accessory if possible), or just tell Windows to keep Forza intact?
This whol store thing is a nightmare on its own.

Thanks in advance!