Forza and their game mechanics proven to be straight trash again forzas auction 24 cars in 24 hours

forza is literally trash everything in their game is litteraly trash if everything is limited to the most petty numbers why the heck is there even a auction house why cant i just sell my cars back to the auto house why is there a limit to how many cars i put on the auction house what is with the delay for bidding why yall got stupidly just tax away in a dang video game yall really trippin on how much money some one makes on a video game yall more just a waste of time for the last time your company is shat microsoft everything under microsoft is just trash why i come here cause the developers can suck it either make forza horizon 4 worth playing another year or just drop it new fancy ole cars arent enough fix your freaking mechanics incomps and your auction house and your incompentent traffic kinda reminds of the people at pg fix that too yall say yall foing stuff behind the scenes show us not just add some dopey cars and expect it to sit fine with everyone i dont care if its just a came i enjoy playing it and really i dont if this all just what forza is just a bunch of petty things and bugs iust happen screw this game and the peanut heads at playground (FIX THE GAME) not just little things yall think are significant!!

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I like the auction house.

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looks at user’s post history
Hm, 3 posts, all bashing some aspect of the game.
Troll account.


Different thought; it’s an alt account of someone who is either banned(and against ToS, circumvented the ban) or someone else who doesn’t want to get banned on their main.

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spot on

All I got out of this is “Wah”

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why playing a game u dont like?
why not using the auction house to get cheap cars

play other games (ex: crew2) and you’ll love the auctionhouse and all the other trash

This guy hasn’t even reached the Horizon festival yet. The achievement you get after the first 2 minutes. This must be a troll account right?


Think i’ve seen this name in some trial/weekly event before

Maybe there is a way to hide game statistics. I’m not familiar with all features. It’s strange since I can see other games achievements. Anyway I’m not sure.

Auctions/player markets in general are terrible additions to most games, I’d say. But luckily this is a driving game not an auction game, so how good or bad the auction house is doesn’t matter much.

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Elite is rated one of the top games of all time, and it’s main gameplay was auction gameplay. I would say that FH4 is also one of the top games of all time.

I think the Auction House is, in general, a good idea. Sure, it gets abused but is still serves a purpose. I started playing in February 2020 and, by July, I had almost all the cars in the game thanks to the Auction House…cars like the Apollo and FXX Evo etc…they have since been available via Forzathon shop etc but at that time I needed the AH to get them

OK, I know my English is bad, but this is a whole new ball game. I stopped reading few lines in … there is nothing in terms of sentences or anything - somebody missed the school, or just some snowflake?

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So in the same breath, you are telling them to fix the game whilst simultaneously calling them incompetent, stupid, peanut heads? And, even if they replied to topics on this forum, you expect any sort of response? Even if they were to respond, most people would give up after 2 lines of a rant with no punctuation or grammar