Forza AI still broken causing dirty laps, assisted braking is severely defective

Ok so I did the first introductory porsche race yesterday and everytime I pulled out to over take the car in front of me meaning I left the race line on a straight to do what is nessecary to overtake the car in front the porsche coughed and spluttered decelerated and dropped down a gear or two, at first I could not understand what was going on and by the time I figured out what it maybe and switched that highly defective brakīng assist setting off, which I never have on in the first place the race was to far gone. That setting should not be on by default, especially when forza tier 11’s launches the game for the first time, I’ve seen braking assist in action before and this has to be the worst I’ve ever experienced, as I have never seen braking assist slow you down on a straight before and as such it must make the setting ūnsuable for those who may prefer it on.

I’ve also since found out I should have deleted my saves and rerun this race switching the setting off immediately as I have now lost the chance to have that porsche in my garage, to late now I’v gone to far in the game to do that. Nice start to my X1X Forza 7 bundle.

Forza Motorsport, said it before the AI needs to abide by some form of Motorsport rules within its programing and getting shunted in the rear or side swiped by AI should not be causing my lap to become dirty. There should be fair and just consequences for on track incidents. This is not Horizon. This issue has existed since Forza 1 but the drivatar system, due to incredible levels of erratic drivatar racing is making this ongoing programming flaw far worse than when the AI just stuck to the race line like glue even when they should have given the line up as they were beat.

In simple terms the erratic nature of the drivatar system is actually infectious as it causes further erratic driving to deal with the insanity thats residing on the track, and when they are beat they need to give up their place gracefully instead of hitting you as they make futile attempts to instantly regain their place, the AI also needs to make reasonable attempts not to just ram you whilst slowing down approaching the next bend or corner having gained their place. Of course if you do not want to be taken seriously in this genre on PC just leave it well alone, but you should believe it when I say the Forza eye candy will not be good enough alone to win over even the average pc sim racer, let alone those more dedicated to this sport as they certainly look for clean racing and that includes any AI participation.

Finally why no custom controller layout, you know the very sīmple options page that is in most games that lets the user select for themselves which button operates which function.

Funny thing is that I find FH3’s A.I a bit better. FM7’s is absolutely terrible. I find myself restarting races over and over due to my car being wrecked by th A.I. You seem to be completely invisible to them.

Keep suggested line full and stay near ir , If you go anywhere away from it the game glitches and slows the car down this is in all forza games with assist breaking. And needs to be removed big time.