Forza AI (Drivatars) STOP Putting It In Game

I have got to the end of my tether with this repeated BS, supposed to be smart… NOT BY A LONG SHOT.

I cant even race in sim mode because all that ever experience, are Pit Manouvers etc, also sure the AI’s cars may be fast on a straight but there cars are not tuned and if they are they break on the slightest bend.
Thus leading me to

1: decrease my speed when im on a roll which in turn takes me to point 2

2: keeps me from catching anything up front

3: there are no quallys which mean you generally always start from back, which while no quarrel there i like a good challange, (it renders that obsolete) when your cut up (blocked from overtaking) side swiped and all that great stuff by useless AI.

And if your going to tell me its not the AI its the driver OK, lets go there how about making it like it used to be (meaning) if you hit someone your car takes damage make it a mandatory pit or two up the laps. if people still take this game seriously they should welcome and relish the chance to have a real race.
And maybe just maybe it will put a stop to these idiots ploys to smash there way round the track and use straight line speed to win, im SICK and tired of it, and if these AI are learning from the real drivers it SPEAKS volumes about the type of community we have here.

I mean is this supposed to be a SIM Racing game ? Or an arcadic bumper cars (or dodgems) ?

lets get racing back on track << yes i did take 20 minutes to think that one up (i liked the pun).


Although I don’t feel that forza 5 is a sim or true to motorsport but merely a track day game I do agree with you regarding the AI.

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the drivatars have improved a lot, you should of seen them this time last year before the updates


I haven’t played Forza 5 yet, so I can’t tell you if they are better or not; although, the stories of catastrophies with Drivatars have diminued. So, on that point, I agree.

What people make allot as error, is: judging the improvements and not what it is now!

I did see them previously, i feel there just as bad now as they were then. Granted thats my personal opinion but hey we all have one :slight_smile:

Uhm yeah, they were alot better back then! I like them more agressive. Butt i do agree with the braking on the slightest of bends, bumps. That is really irritating!

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I still don’t get why, if you draft a Drivatar really close on a straight, they just hit the brakes and slow all the way down to about 40. What is that all about?

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A smart Drivatar that’s messing with you. :stuck_out_tongue: Shouldn’t be drafting so close…draft then pass cleanly. =)

Aren’t drivatar’s based on other user driving habits/tactics then compared to match your skill level? Some act aggressive and others can hold the line well, honestly I think it’s a mixed plate. If you drive clean I’ve noticed the drivatars “habits” change as well.

Well if they had given us more laps in a race then maybe everyone could train their drivatar better. They gave us 2 lap sprints to crash our way to the front then take that info to create dum dum da the drivatar who matches your playing style. So if they gave us a race with a decent number of laps maybe we could all create better drivatars. I mean how many of us are actually professional race car drivers or have even been on a track (Passenger does not count. I have I know it doesn’t count). Right now my drivatar is only about 68 percent synced anyway. So not only are they picking up our bad habits and armature mistakes but they are not fully trained anyway.
I know that they have done some really bad and at times the drivatars have done some bizarre things. But on the flip side when they have worked and worked well they have done some good things. I have had some good racing against them. So they have good and bad points. They have gotten better than older AI in previous games in the series. And certainly better than AI in other games that I have played.

Yes i agree… they need to add the option of turning that crap off… forza 4 i played daily… but fm5 its been around a month since i played the last time, and even then only for a half hour or so, then i got pissed off by that stupid ai… i couldn’t even enjoy a good race with a bit of drifting, because at even the slightest skid, you lose 2 or 3 places because the opponents suddenly seem to have rocket boosters attached, even though i KNOW the car im in is setup and cant possibly be outrun by that of the opponents… PLEASE LET ME TURN OFF THE DRIVATARS AND JUST HAVE THE OLD FM4 OPTIONS BACK or at least just the option of disabling that stupid catchup crap… you don’t need to cut it, just add it for us that don’t like playing with catchup (which is btw a fortunately distant remnant of the OLD racing games, STOP IT PLEASE) its just not right that no matter how fast i drive, the opponents are 2mm away from my rear bumper…


TheCalmWolf for whom this will be the very last Forza Motorsport game if the continues… i just can’t enjoy the games anymore…

That sounds like your problem. It’s NOT that the game has rubber banding built in, it’s because you are breaking traction in the corners (drifting) which slows down your exit speeds. The AI is going slower in and faster out so they are able to catch you. (they exit the corners are higher speed - which allows them to reach a higher top speed and get a run on you)

I have not noticed any rubber banding, or “catch up” in FM5. But the problems with the AI reported by others here ARE issues I have experienced as well. …And I agree the poor drivitar behavior is a direct result of starting you near the back with only two or three laps to catch and pass.

I’ve just borrowed a copy of Forza 5 from a friend of mine as I px’d my copy in a long while back, and the drivatars still drive like chimps, my first race I had drivatars swerving to avoid imagery objects on the track, one broke so hard half way up the road American straight it caused two more drivatars to block the road yet there was no reason for the drivatar to brake at all.

I watched as corners were cut through with no reduction in speed at all, drivatars killed this game for me a long time ago, I personally have been a big forza fan as you can tell by my level 7 ranking but I will not buy forza 6 until I see that these so called AI’s of the future have been heavily reworked and more emphasis is put towards motorsport in its true form.

After the update that revised drivatar behavior it was much better. But about a month ago I played and I felt like they were up to their old shenanigans again. I even used rewind like 10 times in one corner just to give them a chance to do something that resembled acknowledging my presence and they would find a new way to crush me every time, very deliberately. I would even give a wider berth to an AI rammer and he would drive off his line to get me. I play a lot less now, as I’ve become quite bored with the game, but when I have played recently I find it’s hit or miss. Some races they’re as bad as they were and other races they’re polite.

I love the drivatar if you want a clean race and drive clean then thats what you will get a great clean race. If however you bash and crash your way around the track then don’t be surprised when the AI bashes you back. I drive on unbeatable (its easy to beat though) and race clean and have no trouble whatsoever with the AI (Proof video is in my sig)

In my limited single player experience they haven’t been that bad. From reading these forums I get the impression that the higher the ai ddifficully the better and normally cleaner the drivatar get. My only problem with the AI is thatunbeatable is anything but!