Forza 7's track model and vehicle accuracy

Hi all,

I know there are many issues people have with the game.
I just wanted to share with you all a video demonstrating my favorite aspect of the game; Forza 7’s vehicle and track accuracy.

Keep it up Turn10!

Video: Forza 7 vs Real life 2017 Porsche Panamera VIR


Laser scan so things should be pretty accurate to real life. I did notice that a lot of the structures appear darker in Forza and the real track has more texture/variety in the surface. You can also tell where they’ve added all the walls to deter corner cutters. Still that’s a pretty good video and that must have been sweet to take a Porsche out on the track!


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your vid will be the go to link when anyone asks “Why is VIR even in the game” :slight_smile:

There will always be opinions on why one track is good or another bad, but there’s no benefit in removing tracks, only adding them. VIR isn’t my favorite because I am no good on that track, especially in the rain, but it’s hardly an excuse to delete it from the track list.



I agree but i disagree when it comes to that has marine track and i think many others hate it aswell, I’d rather them bring back the ring and take out yas

When Assetto Corsa recently added a laser scanned Mazda Raceway I compared it with Forza. And there was very little difference. Only the hump on the edge of the track, coming out of the turn leading to the back uphill straight was slightly less. And the view of the apex in turn 2 was much clearer, because of the missing tire barrier, I guess. Which is a good argument for slowdowns for corner-cutters instead of all the tire barriers? Forza is a fantastic Sim.

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