Forza 7

Unable to access any car any track on single player

Need to supply more info than that

Pc or xbox
If pc what’s your specs
If xbone have you fully shutdown your console

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After processing all that information, after much thought, me thinks you need to go to free play, race setup, press Y, then exit free play and try again.

But I may have misunderstood some of the more critical information provided.


You could have went without the Sarcasm Jar Jar. Also ask your bud what an xbone is.

I gotta entertain myself somehow! I just assumed xbone was short for x box 1. But I could misunderstood that along with your reference??

To entertain ones self at the expensive of another isn’t a good thing. Also, I assumed you were a Star Wars fan with when you said “me thinks…”. Jar Jar is the name of a funny character in the Star Wars movies who starts off a lot of his sentences with "Me’sa, instead of I, but I guess you only used “me” my bad. My apologizes for assuming you were going to get that reference. I also assumed that xbone was Xbox One, but as you see what happens when people assume. I was wondering why it was spelled that way as your buddy likes/needs to do edits a lot, and was just putting out there so you could let them know, so he could edit to make it more clear.

Different gamertag, same negative attitude. Why post on a forum of a game you hate so much?

OP, I don’t like puzzles, especially in forum form, help us to help you!

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I’m sorry SlinkErmine930 for this. I would recommend you start a new post with more information on the problem if you can, and if your on PC or Xbox. You can also try searching the forum for posts that relate to your same issue and see if there is a recommendation on how to address and fix your problem.

Yeah, I changed the Gamertag because a keyboard bully, like yourself, on this forum tried desperately to look for away to make me look bad. Bigred was a nickname from Highschool, and Machine was something I was called at work for my work ethic. Bigred is also the nickname of my favorite College Sports Program and Machine also in reference to the Original Movie “The Longest Yard”, Mean Machine, but thanks to this persons desperate attempts and Google powers (I prefer Bing) I was made aware of its other relation that I did not know. It’s funny about what people assume sometimes.

Oh, and I don’t had this, game, as a matter of fact I love, love it enough after only two years of buying my first forza game, I now own all but the first. Which I will probably get if I pick up an OG Xbox.
Also loved enough to see that I made Tier 11 in less then 2 years, but I only care about that for getting the extra in game stuff when a new Forza game releases and weekly credits increases.

Oh, and my negative attitude is only because of lack of support, fixes, and Forum bullies and groupies who go unchecked. To many people on here picking on new players, new forum users, and people who clearly have some form of disability, either mental, computer know how, age, English language, or a combination of those.

I’m also tired of these same bullies making a circus of the forums. Stick to helping without sarcasm, stop giving hard times to those who don’t understand the in’s and outs of the game/xbox/PC/forum.

This forum is also the first line of Support that Turn 10 offers to it’s customers. So yes, there will be complaining, and probably lots of it, we are customers and that’s our right.
Change and getting things fixed through Complaining or taking action has been going of for as long as history has been written, and you see it in the news everyday.

So as long as people on here are bullied, through sarcasm or other means, because they are a complaining customer, someone you deem less than yourself, or violate the Xbox Code of Conduct, which I now know pretty well, I will be there.

There are kids, disabled, elderly, different nationalities, etc., But that doesn’t seem to be realized on here a lot.

It does seem that Turn 10 turns a blind eye to the bullying and I’m guessing it’s because that some of these bullies handle a lot of the support questions for them. Saves them time and money.

I praise those who help, but not those who treat there fellow forza players with disrespect while doing it. Either help with respect or don’t help at all.

I would also to like to apologize to the Forum for this thread going off subject.

To whom it may concern: If you find your account under moderation, don’t bother sending Private Messages asking why. Thank you.


All we asked for was for the OP to give some more info with his issue
Plain and simple…straight to the point

Didn’t ask for someone to come and troll and giving an off topic bla bla speech not relevant at all to the thread…but that’s just a regular thing from some people
Not everything needs to be sugar coated…part of what is wrong the world today…too many people cotton wooling others. The world is harsh and sometimes people will have to come out of their protective bubble

got nothing against Disabled or slow people either BTW
I try to help them but some people make it hard to

posting Off Topic posts is against forum rules, same as starting threads on already existing topics

I come on here to help not get trolled by people who claim to be anti bullies but do it themselves…following others comments around the forum is also a form of bullying …double standards much

My reference to the mask was to do with Kane the big red machine in wrestling…so changing your gamertag was for nothing…lol

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That’s funny, coming from the President of the Trolls. Hows the account? Oh, and sorry, trying to protect my fellow forza players from the likes of you and others like you, is not trolling.

Your comment was fine, your VP’s sarcasm towards one of my fellow Forza players was not. Help, but keep the sarcasm abuse to yourself or don’t help. It was the

I know far to well how harsh the world can be, one of the reasons I served, and still serve. You talk of the world, but with 5 or 6 gamertags and apparently spending all your time on here, whens the last time you stepped out into it?

Whats your issue with the disabled as well? Or is it just with those with learning disabilities that bother you?

Oh, and if you haven’t noticed, this is not your world. This is the Forza Forum where the Forza community comes to interact with other Forza members, but you feel its your duty to add your part to this harsh world in this forum, and break the forum rules like they don’t apply to you, and how did that work out? Its a harsh world that doesn’t need you adding to it. Oh, yeah this isn’t high school either, so stop acting like you are still in it, or maybe you act this way you because you still are.

You also continued the off topic. At least I apologized to the original poster and messaged him where to look for help first. Politely I might add, and with no sarcasm, which wasn’t to hard.

I’m actually waiting for the thread to be moved and hope that a Mod does.

Really no explanation necessary, while I’ve seen the star wars movies when they first came out on the big screen, I’m terrible about remembering characters names. And I told ol Talby to spell out xbone, cause when you’re on a forum where a game runs either on PC or xbox, it needs to be clear. As far as something being at the expense of another, I’m pretty sure Alan J T bears the brunt of that when it comes to me dolling it out. I’m just glad he’s over on that little island called Australia. But I digress.

With the information provided, the process I provided in my post seemed the most logical scenario given the limited information as there is a situation with race setup, typically involving buckets to where the game will eventually just go in to a constant state of loading track but never actually getting there without resetting the settings to default. Of course it may not have anything to do with that, could be the game isn’t even installed, but since the OP specified ‘single player’, I took a shot in the dark.

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Anybody got any popcorn?


Nah, Shows over, I’m blocking and moving on. Least he got his way, so that’s a win I reckon (sarc/ Talby’s provided more help on this forum than most, still comes up with stuff I’d never think of)

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