Forza 7 will not load when gamer tag signed in

Hello All

Hardware and software info

Xbox One S 500gb (all updates installed)
Forza 7 Ultimate
Both in use date 12/25/2017
Wired gigabit connection/service
Logging in with gamer tag created on Xbox 360 years ago

Set up new Xbox, signed in with existing gamer tag
Loaded Forza 7 and downloaded expansion pack
Game worked for 3-4 sessions
Tried to start game and it freezes then crashes back to home screen
Set up another gamer tag and game works as it should.
Only having gamer tag issue with Forza 7
Original gamer tag works with F1 2017 and others

Per Xbox support suggestions, the following trouble shooting has been performed

Wipe cache
Reset Xbox keeping user data
Reset Xbox factory specs
NAT open
UPnP functional
Port settings (router) correct per Xbox support
Passed all network and multiplayer test

To recap, game loads to Turn 10/Microsoft screen then freezes
Audible hum sound then game crashes, reverts to home screen
Only happens with specific gamer tag is being used. I have been in several hours of chat support with Microsoft and found no resolution. Researching forum I have not found another post with the same issue. Any help would be appreciated. Any details not included here I will provide.

Novice to the world of the forum but well versed in IT/network support. I have tried everything I know with no success. Xbox support suggested I post here.