Forza 7 tracks look worse than Forza 5 or 6

Ive been playing for a couple of days and thought something was wrong at first.

Some tracks in the first 2 sections of the career mode just look empty, even the road looked like a smooth 1990’s pc type block with Forza 4 type graphics. I can only assume this is because dynamic weather effects or something steal resources.

I have a standard Xbox 1 and a decent Sony 1080p tv but I’m shocked that reviews never mentioned how poor the game looks. Some reviews even gushed about how much crazy detail the track environments have, but I’m seriously underwhelmed. Dynamic weather is just a gimmick IMO bring back decent graphics and tracks like Tsukuba.


Also, all my cars often dont change down a gear when I press X

I thought it was my controller but it happens with both. You really gotta mash it. Works fine on 5 and 6 though.

Also is it just me or do all the cars feel like they have drum brakes? Ive never plowed into so many barriers and had to rewind so much in previous games!

I’ve noticed ABS works differently. Used to chatter as the wheels rapidly locked and unlocked and resulted in slightly longer stopping distance. Now it acts like they just cut the stopping power by about a 25% and hold it there. You can see it in the telemetry. I was going about 150MPH and gradually applied the brakes. The g-force reading got up to around 1.5 with slight variations until the ABS cut in at which point it showed a steady 1.05 until the car stopped. It really throws the braking line off if you use it. I will frequently find myself overshooting corners by 20-30 MPH even though I started braking when the line was yellow.

I understand the need to have some performance penalty when using assists, but the amount of braking reduction using ABS misses the mark entirely.

There was a big thread about the graphics downgrade here:

Agreed. F6 reallt does look better…
Theres a more reflective mettalic look to the cars too…