Forza 7 State Leaderboards

I’ve noticed that since FM6, you’ve been able to switch between “World” & “Country” leaderboards.

Don’t get me wrong, I love this option and think it’s one of the best improvements.

But, I’m wondering if there will be an update to let players search who their times par up against depending on what state they are in.

A “State” section of the leaderboards pertaining to the country of your Xbox account.

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Over a year and 139 views but no replies?

what would you expect , should have been put in the Wishlist threads
not really feasible anyway since we aren’t all in the US, and a lot of other countries would be hard to split between states


So annoying when Americans think they are the only nation in the world. And they do A LOT.


Game is made in USA,thats why u get America and world on leader boards.


Wow, this is gold.

JoeDiesle, do you actually think that people from other countries than the US have the same leaderboards instead of Europe and world, Asia and world, etc?


Hey… I didn’t make the game, Im just telling what I see. If you have a problem with the way the leader boards are tell T-1O.

Sorry to break it to you but I don’t see an American leaderboard, I see Europe. Leaderboards are available for different regions. By your logic they should just remove American leaderboards in Horizon 4 as it was developed and based here in Britain.

As for the topic of state leaderboards. Seems a very pointless idea if you ask me. The only leaderboards that matter are the ones comparing everyone in the world. These show how fast you are.

Resources could and should be used in better areas.


I always thought America leaderboards referred to North and South America not just USA and yes, I think state leaderboards are complete overkill.



Guys this is so sad… can we hit 32 likes so we can have every county in Ireland represented? XD

In all seriousness though, if you’re going to have every state represented in America, you’d need to do it in multiple countries.


If they were to add any filters to the LB I would rather see it be for controller and wheel users, just so I can see how I stackup against other wheel users.


Everyone stop! There’s not a single post on here helping this problem, this is why my posts asking for help get locked. All I’m asking is that it would be a nice add-in if people could get state leaderboards (USA or where ever Forza players play).

Don’t post anything hateful/nonhelpful.

Well of course there’s not a single post helping this problem because it’s not a problem. First you complain there was no reply’s after a year now you’re complaining that the comments don’t support your POV.

Please continue to use the separate Wish List threads pinned in the FM7 discussion forum.

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Country leaderboards don’t exist in FM6. I’d be in favor of world, region, and country leaderboards.

By state is overkill. In my state there are literally only 3 people that are fast. Leaderboards will be rather empty for the majority of tracks. #1 times would be really easy.

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A leaderboard for the specific car you lapped in, showing only that vehicle/class, would be awesome.

Yeah I out drove everyone in that bone stock C5 Z06.

A Car Homologated Leaderboard of sorts.

Region would be awesome as well, but knowing you drove the car to its limits, in comparison to the same car/class is worth noting.

For example in FH4, I built a bad ass drag Bel Air, knowing it wasn’t a top of the leaderboard car. It still did well enough, like top 100 to where I could see I had the fastest Bel Air. I got a sense of accomplishment from that.

not getting them, it’s silly


After the leaderboard wipe, there arent enough people putting up times to make it worth dividing up any further.


At this point, this add-in would be better suited for Horizon 4