FORZA 7 Questions - Sites/Apps - Kontrol Freeks Speed Freek Apex.

Hello all, I’m new to these forums, however, not new to Forza. This is the first Forza I’ve picked up and played since Forza Motorsport 3 came out, I took a long hiatus to focus on school (officially a registered nurse now). I just have a few questions pertaining to the game that involve different things, I appreciate all the help… I did research some material, however, there is so much “clickbait” or don’t find what I’m specifically looking for… So Thank You!

  1. Is there a website or app (iPhone) that lets me sync my Xbox Live account, and it would tell me what my lap times in career mode are?

  2. Tuning/Set-Ups there is a lot out there on the internet, between posts and videos, so I just wanted to know which one is the most reputable…are “vx ARTORIUS xv” video guides decent? Is there an app or website that does a better job?

  3. I recently bought the Kontrol Freek - Speed Freek Apex for the Xbox One controller/pad, however, there are not that many reviews/tutorials on there, some videos I see the so for whoever uses these did you see a vast improvement? I can’t really judge, I’m not sure if they are positioned the right way if the U piece should be in the horizontal position or is it better to have it at an angle? and if that top U shaped piece is supposed to swivel around or stay more or less locked in place? Some images…

Speed Freek U Piece HORIZONTAL


i used it, not a miracle worker but it does give you a little better control in turns with the added height but the cradle thing is kinda odd

  1. No apps yet, though Turn 10 did recently open up some of the info that can be output to allow for these things to happen, so maybe in the future.

  2. There is a whole load of info on here. A few examples: - Thanks to FACR DLTuning - A bit old but the fundamentals still apply. Thanks to BIG W0RM 80 - J_Runer also has some videos you may find useful

There’s also people who do open source tunes for you to look at an perhaps understand the difference from the stock tune to theirs:
Such as gtFOOTw -

  1. That thing sure looks funky, I’d personally say if you wanted more control, making the joysticks longer would be useful. This can be done by replacement kits found in many places or addons that attach over the original joystick and add a little more height. I personally have a longer stick to steer but it doesn’t make any drastic difference, barely any to be honest.

Hopefully you & whoever else finds this, sees useful points from it. Enjoy!

I’ve been using the Speed Freek Apex for over 6 years now, it’s a handy little gadget.

When it comes to placement it depends on how you grip the controller and where your left thumb rests on the analogue stick. You want to position the Apex in such a way that you don’t “snag” the horns from a resting position; for some that means keeping it horizontal whereas for others it requires it to be angled slightly. Ultimately the main benefit of the tool is more comfort and the ability to fine-tune your steering; it won’t guarantee faster laptimes but it does make the driving experience a little more pleasant.

Just a heads up, the centre portion will come loose after a few months of play as the adhesive isn’t very strong. A quick dab of SuperGlue will sort that out however.

A quick follow-up since I was unable to give a more detailed answer yesterday:

  1. No.

  2. Here is my collection of notes on tuning. Rather than looking for a “quick fix” it’s better to understand why each component affects the car in the way it does, so that you can tune cars in any game without needing a “cheat sheet”.

Excellent, I appreciate it! and that is what I want to know! I drive a 04 G35 Coupe in 6-speed in real life, and would love to casually track it at times.