Forza 7 pc online stops working after 3 days

Bought forza 7 from windows store on 17th Dec had problems installing the game but got that sorted only to find I couldn’t get online at all, kept getting this msg [forza 7 servers could not be reached please try again later] so spent a few days trying all the fixes I could find and nothing worked so, after scratching my head for a while I decided to dig a spare hdd and load a fresh copy of windows 10 onto it yippee online now works or so I thought, 3 days later online went back off with the same msg, so format hdd again reinstall windows 10 and forza 7 and online started working again 3 days later same thing again so format hdd again this is the 3rd time reinstalled everything online now works again, today went to start up a session and online is off again with the same msg, theres no way I’m doing it all again I’m hoping someone can help with this problem as I’m all out of ideas, also I’m not the only one with this problem there is another thread abut this problem but no help their so decided to start my own