Forza 7 PC dropping around 70% framerate to 35fps

I’ve tried another game and it ran fine at 90fps on ultra for example Overwatch, I didn’t have this issue yesterday all though the variation of fps during a live stream was spiking and jumping between 140 and 70fps… I had a solid lap at bernes alps that had 70-80fps with out dynamic(mostly High everything) and suddenly it dropped back down again to 35 … where as another track it tanked with in seconds with dynamic. idk what to do.

I was playing around with the in-game Vsync option just for the heck of it and to see if it would help with stutter (I don’t need in-game Vsync. I have a Gsync monitor) and discovered that it will severely drop the frame rate for some reason. Turn it OFF and it will fix the problem.

I’ve found that everytime you make any IQ change to exit out of the game and restart it for best effect.