Forza 7 PC Constant Crashing

So Forza 7 has started crashing to the Desktop for some reason, it was halting my entire system at first (bluescreen and restart) but now the game will just freeze (only seems to happen while I’m driving) and then dump me to the Desktop.

Have tried:

Deleted and reinstalled the game, no change.
Formatted drive and reinstalled Windows 10, downloaded game which stopped the bluescreens but still crashes to Desktop.

So after having to re-download and install all my apps (Adobe, Games, Forza, etc) I am pretty over this, it has happened in the past but seems to be worse now, I have the errors in Event Viewer attached if anyone can see anything specifically.

Windows 10 1809
Threadripper 1920X
nVidia Titan Xp
Game is installed on an SSD, not system drive.

Fanatec CSL Elite (Xbox) with P1 rim and Clubsport V2 pedals.

I have ordered an Xbox as this just seems stupid, how T10 can make it run on the Xbox and not PC seems silly. I just want to be able to use the PC and not a silly Xbox for just one game.


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