Forza 7 on the XBO-X Bandwidth question

OK so If I play Forza 7 on the new Xbox One -X, what will my bandwidth speeds have to be in order to play this game online in true 4K?
I am looking for the required upload/download speeds?
Is it even possible to play online in 4K?
Or can we only play in 4K single player only?

I doubt it’s any different than XB1 or XB1S - you’re not transmitting more data back to the central servers just because your local console is displaying 4K/HDR. The server just needs to know who you are, where you are, where you’re going, and how fast at any given time to be able to relay that info to the other participants.

ETA: What you see on your TV isn’t a stream of what other people are seeing - just your local game engine receiving all those data points and rendering your local view of it to your TV. That’s why folks who ‘lag’ appear to fly about the track. Your local game engine hasn’t received a timely update as to where that person is, and extrapolates, i.e. guesses.



Graphically quality is not affected by internet speed at all, be it online or not. A person with 0.5 Mbs would see the game in the same 4k/60fps online or offline as someone with 300 Mbs. All the graphics are done via the hardware. The game does not use the cloud for graphics, only for online connectivity and the drivatars. Just like Call of Duty, Battlefield, or any game really. You’re not streaming the game. It’s downloaded to your console, be it digitally or by a physical disc.

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Not quite. Competitors liveries are downloaded.

I doubt liveries will be in 4K in MP due to the amount of data required. Typically they’ve always run paints at lower res to ensure the best online performance. Some people do complain about the lower res of liveries but everything has to be traded to run the game as smoothly as possible.

But that’s different from what’s he’s asking. That’s something that is programmed into the game, which his speed does not play a part in. Even with my 300 mbs, my liveries will look the same as someone with 0.5. He’s talking about if the game will run at 4k/60, with 4k textures, etc if you have slow speeds.

4K is how many pixels your Xbox renders in each frame. Network traffic isn’t affected one bit.

Short answer: Graphics don’t affect online play. anything with an average speed over 5 Mbit/sec should be more than enough for a video game. NOTE: Average speed. Most ISPs (in the US anyways) advertise maximum speeds, not average speed. A maximum speed of 20-25 Mbit/sec will usually yeild a 5-8 Mbit/sec average speed.

Long Answer:
As others have said, none of the graphical stuff matters. Every single copy of Forza 7 will have all 4K assets (including liveries and vinyls) so that will not be an issue. The only thing connection speed affects is the actual movement of the cars on the track.

“Lag” comes from your console or other consoles in the lobby dropping frames. This happens because video games use UDP connections rather than TCP (the kind that streaming and internet browsers use). UDP is much faster than TCP, mainly because TCP requires every single bit of data to be accounted for during transfer. UDP is a “fire and forget” technique. The console fires off a small update packet, and if it gets lost in transit, its gone forever.

“Lag”, as you see it on your screen, happens when your console does not receive a packet from someone else. That’s why the cars appear to be sort of jittery and jumpy online sometimes. If the connection is poor, either your system is missing packets that it was sent, or someone else’s system lost a packet that was supposed to be sent to the server.

All of the graphics and details are loaded before the actual game starts (including opponent’s liveries and tuning setups). The only thing the internet connection speed is actually required for is movement and some physics calculations.

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Only users running the Xbox one X will have and see 4K assets. They will have a larger game file size on disc. 4K or not has nothing to do with your connection. It just affects your local resolution. The same is true for PC games. Changing your graphic settings does nothing to your network performance.


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I am 99.9% sure resolution and 4k assets will have nothing to do with how much bandwidth a game will use when playing it online. Pretty sure the only info that gets sent to MS’s servers is the position of your where your car is on the track and your voice that gets uploaded. I don’t know exactly how all that stuff works though.

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This is good to know. So it will work just fine & I’ll get to experience it all in 4K detail.
That’s awesome!!!
Thanks everyone for the feedback.

You’ll probably have a giant patch to download at launch. Bluray discs can only fit 50GB. Although, hopefully it’s a two-disc game like some of the Xbox 360 Forzas were.

My thought process is that there will likely be a 4K texture pack, that is NOT included on the disc, if you go that route. Either way, consider that the main reason games take up so much room is due to textures. I have been playing some older AAA games on my PC, and they only need 8GB to install the whole game. I checked off the box for Fallout 4 to install 4k Textures… That update alone is 55GB. It’s only Textures.

That 8GB game, I played for 40 hours with no problem, and it looked OK.

I have been doing Photography with 10+ megapixels for a long time. I have a LOT of scans that are around 100+ Megapixels, for photo repairs that I did. A few photos from a 50megapixel camera in RAW format, which I split into 5 composite images for HDR Purposes, and then the MERGED photo, and then the edited final version. That folder was nearly 30GB. and it had literally 10 pictures in it total.

Meanwhile all 10+ years of photos I had taken, was only 200GB. Nearly 100,000 photos. When you increase fidelity, you need a larger media format… and Blu-ray simply can’t handle it.

I expect the MAIN game to fit on a Blu-Ray, probably tipping the scales around 44GB, with the 4K texture pack landing at around 70GB, as an optional Download. 70GB for me takes about 20 hours to download, without interruptions. Fingers crossed that there is some sort of faster delivery service for 4K textures… or the ability to install them as needed, Like when you buy the car.

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