Forza 7 Offline Mode with Windows 10?


How can i play Forza 7 offline? To change the PC to a „Offline PC“ does not work. :frowning:

How does it work? Please make it possible! :frowning:

It’s not possible as far as I can tell because MS always want you to sign-in first. Just like FH3, which is crappy because the Xbox has had an offline mode for every Forza iteration, so I’m sure it does for FM7 too. It’s my biggest gripe with the game. Why should PC users lose out on that feature? Now, if there’s no internet there’s no game.
You could try the FH3 thing of loading the game and letting it sign-in and then disconnecting from the internet. It might work but of course that still requires an initial connection, so it isn’t much use to most people, maybe those on a metered connection.

Oddly enough, the second time I played I forgot that I’d disconnected and it actually worked offline (minus the obvious features) but every time after that it required me to be online. Must have been a glitch where it thought I was still ‘active’.

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I had a quick connection error last night and the game itself asked me if i wanted to start in “offline mode” with a special window from FM7, so i assume there is a offline mode. Try to logout your windows store account and also go into the store app settings and setup/manage your “offline devices” accordingly.

I played the demo offline alot, not sure if that is the same. I just clicked on it played while my internet was out for two days.

I’ll have to look at that never heard of that before but I’m 99% sure my PC is set as an offline device. Other store apps work offline.
This needs some research.

Yeah, the demo worked fine offline for me, so did Apex until it hit it’s final release.