Forza 7 needs some major updates

When it comes to having fun, exciting features in the game, forza 7 has virtually none. If you were a fan of infected (virus) from previous Forza titles and you wanted T10 to make it possible to play this mode on the tracks again, you’ll be pleased to hear that the entire mode has been removed from the game, it’s not even an option in private match. Speaking of private matches, were you a fan of forza 4’s ability to have amazing AI customizabity in private matches? Were you a fan of being able to pick each AI’s car and change their difficulty individually? Well you’ll also be extremely pleased to hear that the ability to have AI drivers in multiplayer has been completely removed. Say goodbye to those fun endurance races with your couple of friends in a private match with AI opponents.

Turn 10 really needs to start redirecting their focus with these games. Instead of spending the entire cycle of making the game look and sound good, how about focusing a little more on adding features that the community actually wants? Seriously, who was the brilliant person at T10 who said “we should remove tag from multiplayer”? And who were the other geniuses who said “that’s an amazing idea!”? Not even mentioning the fact that gifting cars still hasn’t returned and automatically being put into game chat every single time I touch a button in multiplayer (Xbox one)

Despite my huge rant, I’m a huge forza fan. I’ve purchased almost every forza game that has existed, and I’ll continue to play forza 7. But I’m heavily heavily relying on the hope that T10 will update this game with the content it so desperately needs to keep it alive. If forza continues to strip away features from previous games, then it’s fan base will move onto other racing franchises. I know I’m not the only one who feels like this.

Sure, the graphics, sounds, physics, are all superb. Some of the best visuals, if not THE best I’ve seen from a video game. But all of that gets undermined when you think about all the amazing features from previous forza titles that won’t be available in this one. It really makes you question “why am I playing this game when I could boot up FH3 and go off-roading in my trailcat?”.

End rant

P.S. bro this is the 7th forza Motorsport and you STILL havent added rally racing? Are you kidding?


Multi player is not yet fully released there are still aspects of the game to be added over the coming weeks. So you may be a tad earily with your post as if you read the Forza news you would have know they are doing a roll out of game content and events over several weeks and not all in one go from day 1 and to be honest it is not even Day 1 of offocial release yet. that is another 27 hours or so away

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Tell that to the crazy amount of people already getting refunds.

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Isnt there enough rally driving games already
Not really racing…they are more time trials to begin with


I haven’t played one that I liked since way back on the OXBOX.

Well it’s called forza Motorsport, rally racing is a huge part of Motorsport as a whole.

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Yeah, Rallye is not needed. Although, why add all those offroad and rallye cars to the game in the first place?

because is a copy paste from horizon to full fill that " 700+ cars at launch "

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Bro, did you realize the game isn’t officially out till 12AM and all the features haven’t been released yet? Want rally racing, pick up dirt or pcars2. I don’t get why Forza has to have every type of racing, do you want it to blend in with every other game? Has everyone forgot each game is unique in there own ways, when adding the same features into all the games it becomes dull. Here is just another thread complaining about features not integrated just yet.

"Yeah, just another thread complaining about features being absent. It’s called criticism, it let’s developers know what the community wants. ever heard of it?


Ah yes the community wants everything that they ask for and when they don’t get it they ask for a refund, sounding familiar? Keep amusing me.



Please, please FIX this. ;(

This is the reason I’ve loved previous FM titles. Why would you do this to your fans?

No AI in private lobbies has essentially killed any Multiplayer fun for me and my friends all of whom now have to work out if we attempt a refund or hope that Turn 10 patches the feature back . Worse still the complete lack of any Dev response to those types of questions means for me anyway to make an informed decisions is impossible, just like the fact it was not advised that the AI MP feature was to be dropped in the first place.

Not really sure why some people claim that Multiplayer is not fully released yet, either they have information that my google fu has failed to turn up yet, or there dreaming.

Either way Turn 10 really should advise one way or another either the feature will return or it wont , perhaps show a bit of honesty with your fans who have been with you since the first game instead of hiding behind some PR rules of engagement, I hold out hope they will correct there miss steps with the AI in MP races but then again since Froza 1 people have asked for an optional qualification round and apparently that’s still way to hard to offer either. Anyone remember when the marketing hype from Turn 10 on forza was how they updated the physics engine and them nerding out on how many times per second they could refresh suspension states, now days … marketing wank ahoy !

7th game and they still haven’t added animated pits lol. Meanwhile every other ACTUAL sim game has that, Gran Tursimo has had it since 5 at least (and that’s on the “less powerful” PS3 lol)! Pretty pathetic we pay the same for less this time around.

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I’m a huge fan of FM but on this forza 7 some things gotta change.
And something is bothering me when people say the game is not yet released, well I paid for the ultimate edition not to play “BETA”, “ALPHA”, or some shit like that. I paid to play the “GAME” in it’s full potential.