Forza 7 multiple USB inputs

Hey guys,

I am really enjoying this game but I am trying to get into the drifting and have found I need a handbrake with my wheel so I started to build one but when I use it the controls take over from my wheel for a split second making it unusable, can we not have multiple inputs for this game?

If thats the case it kinda ruins drifting with a wheel?

If your on the PC, you can use multiple USB inputs with Forza 7. On the xbox one however, you cant at this time.

So it seems to override the wheels controls instead of just pressing the one key…

I am on PC, when I use the keyboard for handbreak it swaps all the controls over to the keyboard until I let go of the keyboard button then the controls go back to the G920.

I can see the cat shift to N and the wheels turn straight… Am I doing something wrong?