Forza 7 issues

So, I’ve been playing Forza 7 this afternoon and here is my list of issues.

  1. No car class lobbies in multiplayer, as my preferred lobby is R Class.

  2. The sound goes down drastically for no reason half way through a race, even when I have muted all other drivers.

  3. The car progression system is stupid. I have 400,000 credits to buy the Lambo Super but I cannot as I am not at the required tier level, which is ridiculous as in previous Forza games you could buy whatever car you wanted when you had the credits.

  4. What are the car class limits? e.g. I have an S Class car which was 747 and now is 800 but still in S Class but upgrade to 804 and it is in R Class.

  5. Multiple rammers again. Yes, there is a driver feedback system and replays can be used, but getting sick of these people.

  6. Sections of track can be cut with no penalty. Again.

  7. Constant disconnection issues.

  8. Other visual bugs when in a lobby.

Not exactly happy with this game at the moment.

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