Forza 7 improper car sound and other issues

Greetings I would like to know what is so hard to keep the original car sound from forza 4 into forza 5 or 6 or EVEN 7. Many cars specially muscle car and pony car just like mustang and dart super stock… or even honda civic type r 1997 are not having the proper sound !!! There is so many car sound that are wrong the sound seems far away and far to be rich life like heart booming like in firza 4 !

Also since the last uodate on forza 7 many of the car in any setup races are many times same model and same colors and before there were a very nice mixed of nodeos and colors and theme selected in any type race and its not the case anymore…

Please Forza coming from a HARDCORE FAN FMSINCE FORZA 1 and the reason WHY I BOUGHT A XBOX XBOX 360 XBOX ONE AND FINALLY XBOX ONE X can we not loose what we had and keep building from there the PROPER car sound and recording is AS IMPORTANT THEN VISUALS !!!

Just hope it won t come just another need for speed arcadish game

Forza 4’s sounds were mostly accurate but felt horribly synthetic with this electronic buzzing due to the console’s limitations. The samples were completely flat, the very opposite of what you describe. If you compare the Aventador between Forza 4 and 7 it’s almost laughable how 4 is way off compared to 7. It was the best sounding game in the market but partly because the competition was terrible (NFS Shift, Gran Turismo 5).

The Aventador SV’s sound in Forza 7 would’ve been insane if not for Turn 10’s unfortunate decision to increase the pitch by around 1000 rpm, and, contrary to Horizon 3, its sound is not a copy/paste from the standard Aventador either.

I take it you haven’t driven the Boss 302 yet? I just did a few laps in the Holden Torana and that car sounds incredible. No idea if it’s accurate, but the sound is very nice, though higher pitched than necessary.