Forza 7 hardness

I’ve played forza 6 on above average and completed it and replayed it. Now the same setting on f7 I’m really struggling so is this because the games has been made harder? Loving the new graphics shame I have not got a 4k tv to go with hopefully xbox x.

Git Gud Son !

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Just wondering if you also played Horizon 3 in between Forza 6 and 7. The reason I ask is that I find that the cars in Horizon need to be driven differently and when I started Forza 7 after a year of Horizon, I found i was having a time keeping the cars under control. Then, after about an hour, things were back to normal for me in Forza 7 and I could, mostly, play at levels I was expecting to play at.

All that being said, I sometimes need to change settings for a particular vehicle or even a particular race. As an example, In the SUV set of races, I was able to use the VW Touareg at the setting I was use to in all but one of the races. Even after repeatedly restarting that race when i could see the inevitable conclusion, I finally lowered the difficulty one level, and then was able to finish 1st by a considerable distance.

I was racing fm6 on pro…I think I’ve won 1-2 races in fm7 on pro. I can drive really good but I can’t keep up with the lead pack…

Eveything is relative. On pro ai seem to have a slight speed advantage. On unbeatable they have silly straightline speed, luckily they park themselves on every corner. To me it’s either catch em on lap1 (pro) or catchem on lap 2-5 on unbeatable.

I am finding just the opposite. I have had to RAISE the difficulty one notch. I will chalk this up to the fact that I am now NOT building my own cars and tuning them, just using what the Homol,whatever gives me. It takes one thing out of the equation for me to screw up.

I didn’t play FM6 but i think difficulty curve is really unbalanced in FM7 (just like FH3).
I’m playing mostly on Pro (+80) and Expert (+60). Unbeatable on a few cases.

What i can say is that the diffculty is completely uneven : One race i’m going to be on the lead pack in 30 seconds, and other ones i’m not going to get past 7th-8th despite 10 laps race.
This is a bit frustrating.

The problem is mostly due to drivatars not being subject to sliding or other stuff, they just keep the perfect line everytime like IA in early 2000’s game. Their wheels are always completely sticked to the ground so they have to break fewer and they accelerate better like they all have a very heavy stability control activated

In fact it really looks like FH3 IA, with a lot less rubber-banding.

So i’m starting to abandon Pro & Unbeatable difficulty because you always have to play demolition derby to catch the lead really quick, otherwise there’s a lot of chance you won’t be able to catch 1st/2nd in certain divisions, even in 20 min long races.

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I have found there are a few tracks that make the AI impossible to beat due to their straight line speed advantage. Doesn’t seem to matter what layout.

Road America and Sebring are the two that stick in my mind right now.

Road America the straight line speed became quite apparent when racing the Mercedes trucks. All the trucks identical, you get a run off the corner, get alongside, then watch as the AI starts to pull away ending up a few lengths in front by the next corner.

I have taken to switching the difficulty from unbeatable down to pro straight away at these tracks now.

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Yep, I have definitely noticed this as well. Sebring was the first one that I experienced a big shift in the difficulty. I was already on Pro and was beating them pretty easy, got to Sebring and I had to resort to come cutting to even catch the top 4! I’m pretty much always in the top 1% or right near the top on the leaderboards after the race, so it definitely isn’t me. Also, I haven’t been to Suzuka much yet, but I did try a race in free play with the FE GT-R & unbeatable ai and I couldn’t beat them either. I set the starting positions so it had me closer to the front and a Mercedes SLS in front would totally outrun me, even from a standing start and leave me unless I forced my way ahead. I would also note that it seemed like in some cases that they were really easy to pass and seemed much slower if I actually managed to catch them… could be wrong about that.

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anyone experience the runaway drivatar yet? I had this happen to me a couple times today. was expecting this honestly.

Yep, in every single one since FM5 the drivatars are like that and probably always will be until drivatars are replaced by another type of AI.

I had hoped that this wouldn’t be the case in 7, as someone that primarily plays single player the ‘rabbit car’ effect of drivatars has irritated me in the last two iterations of the game

I’ve played fh 1 2 3/ fm 5 6 7 I’ve never used gears I knock of as many assists as I can I have tried to play above average but find the front cars are too fast to catch?