Forza 7: Found on 2 Hard Drives

Ok, it appears I’ve come across why we are getting CTD, at least on PC. For whatever reason whenever I download an app from MS Store it will force a copy of that app onto C:. Even if I’ve already change it to another hard driver. So, if you select D: for all your apps (Settings > System > Storage > Change were new content is saved) MS Store will still save the app/Forza 7 there but it will still put it in C:\Program Files\Windows Apps. You can go check.

The files and folder will have the exact same dates and files sizes/folder sizes. So I have a forzamotorsport7.exe on 2 different hard drives! This explains, to me, why someone has to download something from MS Store in order to get the game to actually work.

Can someone from FM7 advise on a solution to this? I don’t know what the next steps are as uninstalling and re-downloading the game creates the same outcome. Duplicate 96.5 Gig copies of Forza 7 on 2 hard drives.

If there is someone else out there that reads this and has Forza 7 on a driver other then C: do you experience the same problems?

Can I get some help about this?

After a uninstall, reinstall of Forza 7 (took a long time btw) the drive space only changed for the hard drive I assigned Forza 7 to. Although the duplicate folder was also removed from C drive I didn’t see an additional 96 Gigs of space freed up on C drive. Only for the drive I assigned Forza 7 to. I wonder if the data for Forza 7 on Drive C:\program files\WindowsApps is a symbolic link for the drive I assigned Forza 7 to?

In any case it doesn’t look like a duplicate of 96 gigs on 2 drives.

No problem on my side. Game is installed on D, which is a HDD, C is my SSD. It also didn’t make a copy on C.

Thanks for the reply. I checked it out for myself by uninstalling Forza 7 and then reinstalling Forza 7. C drive free space never changed. Although Forza 7 folders were within WindowsApp folder.
Not sure if the data on C drive’s WindowApp folder is a symbolic link for the hard drive I told it to install to.

I also have it on the D. C is an SSD. Only one instance of Forza 7. Running PC games from external drives is not recommended.

Thanks for checking. Although I have it on the other hard drive I do see it on C as well. However, it appears it’s not taking up any hard drive space. Same subfolder name, etc.
Not sure what to think of it.

I do have a hidden windows apps folder on C, but its denying me access, so i don’t know what is inside. But i don’t think this folder is causing your game to crash. I haven’t had a ctd for a week now, playing 2-3 hours every night.

This will give you access. Be careful