Forza 7 Forza Edition Cars

Hey everyone. Since the October update their have been constant Forza Edition cars as rewards with level ups. They have been one after another which was great but now there is a problem. Since I did the rivals challenge and received the Lamborghini GTR, the level up in car rewards are only regular cars now! No Forza Edition cars! If I would have known this I would have waited to get the Lamborghini GTR and kept receiving the Forza Edition cars! You need Forza Edition cars to complete events for October in the Forzathon. Is this a glitch that needs to be fixed in another update? Has this happened to anyone else or has anyone else noticed? There was no statement I can think of that stated this would happen :frowning:

There were like 5 or 6 new ones and the Lambo… It was just those not any of the ones that existed already were added I don’t think. Check car collection you probably got all the new ones. As far as I know Turn 10 has made no announcement regarding them. It is weird but with so much going on they probably forgot or it was a mistake.

I think they changed the cycle; two days ago, I leveled up for four straight FE cars. Now, same old Zonda R, Zenvo, Lykan and Peugeot 908 I don’t feel like spending money on.

I checked the car collection and the Forza Edition cars that are left for me that are locked are: Monte Carlo FE, ford fiesta FE, M-B A45 FE, Honda Civic FE, Chevelle 70 FE, Chevrolet impala FE, ford raptor FE, Mini JCW FE, Ford Ute FE, Subaru Brat FE, jaguar xj220 FE. The rest of the Forza Edition cars are downloadable. I have no clue how to get the locked ones though. I remember the Jaguar XJ220 FE being in the car collection since Forza 7 first came out. I got 5 in a row too and then bam it went to the Diablo GTR and then regular cars again. I guess the regular locked Forza Edition cars will be in the Forzathon events since a lot of them have been lately. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Thanks for clarifying :). I thought I messed up my Forzathon level up collection streak lol.

All of the Fe cars you don’t have, have either in the past been a level up, by mistake, or forzathon/ForzaRC/rivals. With exception of raptor Fe, which hasn’t ever been released yet.