Forza 7 fanatec Csl elite ps4 wheel is not Working

Dear all Please help my With my Problem.
I was in Touch With xbox windows and fanatec support no one can helps.
I play the game on my win 10 pc all Updates are done. The wheel is used With the latest firmeware.
In all other Games the wheel is Working Fine.

So now my Problem.
Wheel is on in pc Mode (Red light)
Start my Computer
Start the game
Go toi settings
Choose controller fanatec Csl and Save
Push One Button in the wheel One rectangle will get a Red Border an that it was
Go back to settings no wheel is shown so settings getting lost

I tried to add a personal controller
Adding the buttons is Working Fine After Saving Dame behavior as bevore.

I also tried all this settings With the csw v2 Compatibility Mode With and Success.

Any idea whats happen

Ok i solved my Problem today. Push the mode button around 5 Seconds wheel ist getting in green led Mode and every Thing is working fine

Sorry, i don’t understand in what mode flagged? csw v2? or not?
Thanks, suggest me step by step please.