forza 7 crashing in paint

Hello can you help me I was painting 1 car for 3h and forza 7 crashing and it didn’t save

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Thanks for the help NOT

If it didn’t save, it didn’t save. It’s gone. However, unless you specify what platform you were using, Xbox, PC? How can anyone help? Even if they could help, there’s no way to magically make unsaved data appear from the ether. If I’m working on a particular car, I’ll save it periodically, just in case. You can edit your own designs.

That’s just me though, having been trained to save my work often when using computers back in earlier versions of windows, which were about as stable as Bambi on the icy lake…

Unfortunately though, the 3 hours you spent working on your design look to have been lost, never to be recovered.

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